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Event Organization

Corporate entertainment acts

Corporate entertainment

Corporate entertainment party is always long-awaited event in any company. This event is perfect tool for building-up team spirit and enhancing internal connections of any company. Corporate entertainment party is great place to have easy and informal chat with co-workers. It's quite common practice, when corporate entertainment party is designated not only for company workers, but also for it's partners.

Corporate events can help management and workers to know each other better. Find out what are their interests and needs and also share the experience. Events like this motivate workers to keep up to good work and stimulate better relationships with partners. Booking Stars Ltd has wide experience in organizing corporate events with various scale and complexity. Large companies all over the world us organizing their corporate events. We will be happy to book celebrity, to perform at your corporate event. We will organize unforgettable corporate party for you.

Wedding entertainment

Wedding entertainment

Wedding is one of the most important events in everyone's life. The last thing you want on that special day is to worry about organization problems. All you want is enjoy the moment and get the best out of the day. Wedding is emotions and memories that will be be with you all your life. If you want to have wedding of your dreams - wedding entertainment agency Booking Stars Ltd. will be happy to help you! We guarantee that you will have zero worries and you and yourself will have lots of fun.

There are so many important details when you plan wedding: choice of venue, where wedding will take place, wedding host, music and equipment rent. Wedding event agency Booking Stars Ltd will help you to select the best venue for wedding and book celebrities and famous hosts for the event. Our wedding entertainment agency will help you to hire celebrity or band to the wedding! Want to have amazing wedding and make beautiful event for yourself and your guests? We will help you with it!

We had pleasure to organize wedding entertainment events in Italy, France, Greece and Spain and other countries.

Private party entertainment

Private party entertainment

Corporate entertainment agency Booking Stars Ltd is be happy to organize your private party!

  • We will be your guide to the world of marvelous emotions, wonderful surprises and the perfect mood.
  • We are ready to take responsibility in organizing birthday parties of different complexity:from a small family evening, to a grand party featuring musicians and artists.
  • There is nothing better, than to get congratulations on your birthday from your favorite artist!

With the help of our entertainment agency, you will be able to book any artist you want for your birthday event!

Conference organization

Conference organization

The Conference is the most effective way for company to communicate with it's employees, customers and partners. This is perhaps one of the best events for information exchange, to strengthen working relationships, negotiations, training sessions. Every major company has to deal with organizing conference. Our specialists are confident that impeccable preparation will contribute to solving business problems. Everything has to be done perfectly: from brand attributes to lunch and appearance of hostess, not to mention the technical equipment of the speakers and the audience. Organization of conferences and events on a "turnkey" basis is one of the Booking Stars Ltd. activities. We will help you to solve all issues, regarding organization of conference:

  • Select venue for conference
  • Offer decoration options
  • Meet guests
  • Invite host and journalists
  • Develop event schedule
  • Design and produce brochures and promo materials
  • Organize photo and video shooting

All organizational issues related to the conference will be dealt with by Booking Stars Ltd. not only qualitatively but also in time. We also organize conferences, abroad.

Organization of exhibitions

Organization of exhibitions

One of the areas of our entartainment agency is organization of specialized exhibitions. Professional approach, a full cycle of organizational and technical work, a professional exhibition service is the basic principles of our team. Our agency develops individual exhibition stands of any complexity, as well as construction of exhibition stands on "turnkey" basis. "Booking Stars" provides a range of services for organizing events of various size and complexity. Years of experience, knowledge of the latest trends, sustainable partnerships with contractors, knowledge of the benefits of different platforms - allows us to develop scenarios of events to satisfy the most demanding customers.

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