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Scooter has headlined Perm, Russia

Electronic dance legends from Germany, the band, who has sold more than 30.000 million copies of their albums worldwide, has won many prestigious music awards and by all means, has millions of fans worldwide – SCOOTER has headline Russia, Perm.

The very special occasion took place on the 1-st of July 2017 in the largest open-air field in the city of Perm – Esplanada.
Scooter performed the role of the headlining music act at the big free of charge festival, made specially for the local audience of Perm to celebrate the 100-th anniversary of the famous avia constructor.

Scooter has entered the stage at 23:30 and provided the most exciting show experience Perm has most probably ever seen: the audience in the amount of minimum 70.000 is the greatest evidence towards this fact.

H.P. Baxxter was amazed to share his energy with the local audience, who was very supportive and showed much love towards the legendary German band.

The weekend was absolutely WICKED!

We are glad to share some photos and videos from the event featuring Scooter!

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