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Selena Gomez is putting up her tank top for sale

Selena's fresh video «Bad liar» presents her as a sporty lovely girl. Her appearance is back to 70s' - simple, but cute. She wore a ringer wifebeater that spells out "WOLVES" across the chest in red and gold letters.
Good news for Selena's fans: this kind of wifebeater is available for purchase. The tops were put on sale in the singer's online shop, and there are all the sizes – from S to XL. This time you can pre-order the tank top, and is expected to ship on or around July 12, 2017.
Of course these tanks are not *exactly* identical shirts Selena got into in the music clip. Nevertheless, it is an accurate replica.
There are also two T-shirts with «Bad liar» across the chest for 20$ and 30$. They can be pre-ordered now too.

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