Retro Fm stars have performed in Riga!

«Retro Fm» favorite artists have performed all together on the same stage, including Russian and Foreign artists, such as Nancy, Technologia, A-Europa, Fancy and Jenny Berggren from Ace of Base.

Performence in Moscow

Timati, Maksim, Nikita, Byanka, KVN Maksimum, USB, Daesh Molodezh have performed in Moscow!

The Grand Wedding in Cannes!

A very fabulous event took place on the 25-th and 26-th of April 2015 –the private wedding event in the one of the most beautiful and fashionable places in France – Cannes.

Famous UK band Blue has performed in their home country – England!

Famous UK boys band has taken part in the private birthday celebration on the 11-th of April.

Yury Shatunov has performed in Tallinn!

Legendary Russian artist, ex-leader of the most-known pop-band «Laskovy Mai» has performed in Tallinn in IO Restoran & Lounge.

Njusha and Comedy Club residents have performed in Tallinn

The official opening ceremony of the new IO Restaurant & Lounge took place on the 15-th of May 2015 in Tallinn.

Liz Mitchell of Boney-M has performed in Antalya

Liz Mitchell of Boney M has performed on a private wedding event in Turkey, Antalya, which took place on the 24-th of April 2015!

La Roux, Loreen and Mumy Troll have performed in Marbella, Spain!

The private birthday celebration took place on the 13-th of April in Marbella, in one of the most fashionable resort places in Spain, featuring different world famous artists.

Vitas, Nastya Kamenskih & Potap have performed in Almaty!

Russian pop-icons have gathered on one stage in the city of Almaty on the 13-th of July 2015, where the private event took place.

Marcia Barrett of Boney M and Ricchi e Poveri have performed in Saint Petersburg!

The special private event took place in the cultural capital of Russia

Loreen has performed in Kaunas on the 24-th of April 2015

The winner of Eurovision 2012 in Baku – Swedish singer Loreen has performed with her first big solo show!

Baccara in Vilnius

The International Women's Day took place in Vilnius featuring world's famous Italian band – Baccara!

Vera Brezhneva has performed in Tallinn!

The performance of a very popular Russian pop-singer Vera Brezhneva took place on the 5-th of June 2015 in «IO Restoran & Lounge».

Secret Service has performed in Sochi!

Swedish band Secret Service has performed in the summer capital of Russia – Sochi on the 29-th of April 2015.

Marcia Barrett of Boney M and Eruption in Yerevan, Armenia!

The private event took place on the 17-th of April 2015 in the capital of Armenia – the city of Erevan.

Thomas Anders in Vilnius

Thomas Anders – the ex member of the legendary Modern Talking has performed in Vilnius, Lithuania on the 20-th of March 2015.

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