What is Love in Titanic Deluxe Belek

Magnificent Haddaway has created a very special atmosphere during his live show in Titanic Deluxe Belek, Turkey.

Max Barskih

The best Ukrainian artist 2010 (MTV Europe Music Awards) – Max Barskih has performed in karaoke-bar „Gelsomino", Tallinn.

The performance took place on the 12-th of April specially for loyal customers of karaoke-bar. Music lovers greeted artist with joy, singing all the songs together. The atmosphere during the whole event was very friendly and positive.

Chris de Burgh

The private concert of Chris de Burgh took place on the 6-th of March in Moscow.

Chris de Burgh is a world-known artist, especially by his song "Lady in Red".

The concert had a solo format, where artist played the guitar and the piano, which is very natural for Chris de Burgh.


On the 25-th of January Swedish singer Velvet has performed in Saint Petersburg on a corporate event.

Yanela Brooks

Yanela Brooks – pianist, composer and singer from Cuba has performed at wedding in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

Dynamic and exotic rhythms of Cuba, performed by Yanela were highly appreciated by newlyweds and their guest.


One of the most colorful representatives of Italo disco genre, singer, composer and producer from Italy – SAVAGE has performed in Tallinn, Estonia, during the event called „Tancevalny Ray".


Popular eurodance band Morandi from Romania has perfomed on the 22-nd of February in Moscow, „Noev Kovcheg" restaurant, where private birthday party took place.

David Tavare

Famous Spanish singer and DJ David Tavare has performed in Saint Petersburg on the 21-st of January at the corporate event.


Ukrainian pop-duo „Neangely" have performed in karaoke-bar „Gelsomino", Tallinn.

On the 25-th of April within the party „X.O. Club Members" the Ukrainian pop-duo performed their greatest hits, „Roman", „Kiev-Moscow", „I need love" to name some.

Sophie Ellis Bextor

On the 17-th of March 2013 the largest Russian airline company „Aeroflot" has celebrated its 90-th anniversary.

Secret Service

On the 22-th of February „TUSARBANK" has celebrated their anniversary - 20-th birthday in Moscow, Russia. Secret Service and Pupo have specially arrived to give their live performances at this event.

Captain Hollywood

New Years Eve party in Moscow was really fun, because Captain Hollywood has performed in the restaurant „Noev Kovcheg" for a special themed party.


The closed presentation of the new Samsung branded flagman Galaxy S V took place in Almaty, Kazakhstan on the 10-th of April.

New smart phone with a dynamic show of foreign and Russian artists, such as Morandi, Serebro and Gradusy.

Igra slov in Tallinn

International Woman's Day, which is celebrated on the 8-th of March was celebrated in Gelsomino restaurant, Tallinn, where Russian band „Igra Slov" has performed to the audience

„Alina Kabaeva", „Na banane", „Piter-Sochi" – all these joyful songs are very popular among pop-music fans.

Artists from „Igra Slov" characterize their music genre, as „ironic pop-rap".

Rick Astley

The person, who has reached the record in UK music industry and keeps it even today (the only one male artist in Great Britain, who's 8 first singles reached Top-10 chart) – Rick Astley has performed on the 25-th of January in Moscow on a private birthday party.

„Platinum ABBA"

There was a private New Years Eve party on the 27-th of December in Almaty, where famous tribute band „Platinnum Abba" has performed.

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