Joy, Zolotoy Gorod

Popular Austrian band ‘’Joy’’ has performed in Tula (Russia). The event took place on the 13-th of July 2019 at the very popular resort-park-hotel ‘’Zolotoy Gorod’’.

Alphaville, Trkai

Legendary band ‘’Alphaville’’ has performed in Trkai (Lithuania) on the 16-th of July 2019 with grand solo show.

Mr.President and Herb McCoy have performed in Severodonetsk

Legends of the 80-s and 90-s : Herb McCoy and Mr.President have headlined Severodonetsk and celebrated with the locals with Day of the City.

Redfoo from LMFAO has performed in Almaty

Redfoo from the popular American band LMFAO and his ‘’Party Rock Crew’’ have headlined Almaty on the 27-th of April 2019 at the private event occasion, which took place at Ritz Carlton Almaty.

Thomas Anders, Forte Dei Marmi

Thomas Anders from the legendary Modern Talking has performed at the private event in Forte Dei Marmi on the 5-th of August 2019.

Mahmut Orhan has performed in Zolotoy Gorod

Popular Turkish DJ Mahmut Orhan has performed in Zolotoy Gorod, Tula on the 12-th of June 2019.

Bejart Ballet has performed in Moscow

Legendary Ballet group created by the maestro Maurice Béjart has performed their solo show in Moscow, on the 17-th of April 2019 in the famous venue ‘’Crocus City Hall’’

Dr.Alban has performed in Novosibirsk and Krasnoyarsk

Popular Swedish artist Dr.Alban has performed two shows in Siberia Russia in Krasnoyarsk and Novosibirsk, which took place on the 17-th and the 18-th of April 2019.

Grand Tribute Show, Dzintari

A very special event series took place in the period from the 29-th of July till the 31-st of July 2019 in Jurmala (Latvia).

Zolotoy Gorod opening in Tula (1-st of June 2019)

Zolotoy Gorod festival series opening took place on the 1-st of June 2019 in Tula, where famous artists of retro music stage have headlined the stage: the special guests for the opening were Natascha Wright (ex La Bouche), Sheyla Bonnick of Boney M and Pupo!

Haddaway has performed in Toila

Legendary 90-s icon Haddaway has performed in Estonia, city of Toila with his open-sales solo show, which took place on the 13-th of July 2019.

Herb McCoy and Haddaway in Nizhny Novgorod.

Big Retro Festival took place on the 8-th of March 2019, where Herb McCoy - the ex leader of The Real Bad Boys Blue and Haddaway, who is known all over the world for the huge hit ''What is Love'', performed the role of the main headliners.

Haddaway, Põltsamaa

World famous artist Haddaway has performed his solo show in Põltsamaa, Estonia on the 20-th of July 2019.

Big Retro Music Festival in Timisoara

Big retro open-air music festival took place in Romania, Timisoara from the 31-st of May till the 2-nd of June 2019 Thomas Anders from Modern Talking, Alphaville, Dr.Alban, Snap, Sabrina, Captain Jack, Nana, Maxxx, Lian Ross, C-Block and many others!

Adolfo Sebastiani – official Adriano Celentano tribute has performed in Moscow

Adolfo Sebastiani – the official tribute of infamous Adriano Celentano has performed in Moscow at the private event occasion, which took place on the 6-th of July 2019.

Secret Service have performed in Moscow

Legendary Swedish band Secret Service have performed in Moscow, Russia at the private event occasion, which took place on the 29-th of March 2019 in one of the most fashionable restaurants.

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