Herb McCoy has performed in Bratislava!

The special event for one of the largest international consulting enterprises took place in Bratislava on the 24-th of January 2016.

Old New Year in Moscow together with Sandra and Secret Service!

Legendary artists Secret Service and Sandra have celebrated their Old New Year’s Eve in the capital of Russia – Moscow!

Famous Russian pop-band Vintazh has performed in Tallinn!

The popular Russian pop-band Vintazh has performed in Tallinn on the 4-th of December 2015.

Bad Boys Blue has performed in Tartu!

Popular German band Bad Boys Blue have visited Estonia for the solo show in Tartu!

The performance took place on the 6-th of November 2015 in the local nightclub Atlantis.

Liz Mitchell from Boney M has performed in Saint Petersburg!

Legendary lead-singer of Boney M – Liz Mitchell has performed in Saint Petersburg on a private event!

Sandra, Riccardo Fogli and Bad Boys Blue have performed in Saint Petersburg, Retro-FM

The special annual event – Legends of Retro Fm took place on the 13-th of December 2015 in Saint Petersburg!

Secret Service has performed at Avtoradio Music Festival

The annual music festival took place on the 28-th of Moscow 2015 at one of the largest venue’s in the capital of Moscow – Olimpisky.

Serebro has performed in Tallinn

Most probably, the sexiest girls-band trio from Russia has performed in Tallinn at the IO Restoran & Lounge.

London Beat has celebrated NYE in Jurmala!

London Beat has made their way to Latvia, Jurmala in order to celebrate NYE together with the guests of the private event.

Haddaway has performed in Tallinn

The legendary pop stage icon Haddaway has performed in Tallinn on New Year’s Eve.

Banderos band has performed in Tallinn

The famous Russian r’n’b and pop band Banderos has performed in Tallinn on the 13-th of November 2015.

London Beat, Fancy, Savage and Samantha Fox have performed in Vilnius!

A very special gala show of the 80-s stars took place on the 24-th of October 2015 in the capital of Lithuania – Vilnius.

Vladimir Kuzmin has performed in Tallinn!

Legendary Russian rock-musician Vladimir Kuzmin has performed in Tallinn on the 15-th of January 2016.

Jenny Berggren from Ace of Base has performed in Almaty

Jenny Berggren from the legendary Swedish pop band Ace of Base has performed in Almaty on New Year’s Eve!

All Star Weekend in Baltics

The residents of Baltics had a wonderful chance to witness two great shows, which took place in Kaunas and Riga last weekend.

Dr. Alban performed in Ufa!

“Disco of 90s” dedicated to 8th anniversary of radio station Dfm took place in one of the most famous venues in Ufa.

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