Samantha Fox has performed in Novy Urengoy!

The queen of dance-pop stage, the amazing Samantha Fox has performed in Novy Urengoy at the privat event.

Italian legend Pupo and Russian rap artist Ligalaiz have performed in Sardinia!

The private birthday celebration event took place on the 15-th of August 2015 in the picturesque island of Italy – Sardinia.

Egor Kreed in Tallinn!

The special event took place in IO Restoran & Lounge on the last day of July, where Egor Kreed - the young and famous Black Star label artist has headlined the event in Tallinn.

Vitas, Nastya Kamenskih & Potap have performed in Almaty!

Russian pop-icons have gathered on one stage in the city of Almaty on the 13-th of July 2015, where the private event took place.

Sandra has performed in Gelendzhik!

The legend of German pop-stage Sandra has performed in Gelendzhik, where the Day of the city took place on the 22-nd of August 2015.

Ricchi e Poveri, Blue and Ludmilla Sokolova have performed in Sardegna

The private birthday celebration in one of the most fashionable resorts in Italy – Sardinia took place on the 10-th of August 2015.

IOWA has performed in Tallinn

Popular band from Belarus and Russia – Iowa has performed in Tallinn in IO Restoran & Lounge.

Vera Brezhneva has performed in Tallinn!

The performance of a very popular Russian pop-singer Vera Brezhneva took place on the 5-th of June 2015 in «IO Restoran & Lounge».

The king of R’n’B stage - AKON has performed in St.Tropez!

Two special occasions took place on the 22-nd of August in St. Tropez: the fashion show of Italian exclusive brand MALO and the celebration of the private birthday party.
The event took place in one of the most prestigious restaurants in St. Tropez – L’Opera.

Fancy performed in Magnitogorsk!

A famous German Star of 90s Fancy has performed in Magnitogorsk at the huge event dedicated to a Builders' Day.

Retro Fm stars have performed in Riga!

«Retro Fm» favorite artists have performed all together on the same stage, including Russian and Foreign artists, such as Nancy, Technologia, A-Europa, Fancy and Jenny Berggren from Ace of Base.

Performence in Moscow

Timati, Maksim, Nikita, Byanka, KVN Maksimum, USB, Daesh Molodezh have performed in Moscow!

Famous Ukrainian band Via Gra has performed in Tallinn

The famous trio girls-band from Ukraine has performed in Tallinn, Estonia on the 21-st of August 2015.

A private event in Yakutia, Russia

Last weekend a big event dedicated to 20th anniversary of a company "Railways of Yakutia" took place in a Russian town Aldan located in Yakutia!

Yury Shatunov has performed in Tallinn!

Legendary Russian artist, ex-leader of the most-known pop-band «Laskovy Mai» has performed in Tallinn in IO Restoran & Lounge.

Njusha and Comedy Club residents have performed in Tallinn

The official opening ceremony of the new IO Restaurant & Lounge took place on the 15-th of May 2015 in Tallinn.

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