Parents for the fifth time

The Beckhams decided to have a baby for the fifth time.

Victoria Beckham has something left in her tank!

Fashion-designer and mum of 4 children has showed off her body.

Vanessa Hudgens got $1.000 fine because of that rock!

Sometimes rocks and nature can break your life.

Ozzy Osbourne and Sharon Osbourne are getting divorced

After 33 years of marriage Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne have decided to divorce.

Lian Hemsworth made a comment on his relationship with Miley Syrus

The question remains open, if they are bride and groom or not.

Britney Spears stripped to her panties

Britney Spears became the most impressive pop-star of the Billboard Music Awards.

Duchess of Cambrige wants to make friends with Angelina Jolie

Kate Middleton stated her willingness to make friends with famous actress Angelina Jolie.

The newest Ariana's song "Into you"

Ariana's brand new song "Into you" is a ticket to success.

What`s happened to Shakira`s hips?

As we all know, Shakira's hips don't lie.

Does this life kick Bieber around?

Justin Bieber has had a nervous breakdown because of Selena Gomez.

Taylor Swift and her millions

How much did Taylor Swift earn last year?

Is Gwen Stefani pregnant?

Her photos broke the Internet.

Christian Louboutin means trouble

Mariah Carey fell down in front of everybody.

Orlando Bloom is unfaithful to Katy Perry

It is rumored, that famous actor Orlando Bloom, 39, is unfaithful to his girlfriend Katy Perry, 31.

Madonna demonstrates her body

Madonna preferred to wear a low-necked costume for the annual Met Gala.

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