Adele doesn`t care about split of Jolie and Pitt.

Actually she does not.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are going to divorce – that was the breaking news of the last week. Jolie filed for their divorce «for the health of the family».
This breaking piece of news couldn't leave cold many celebrities.
The Queen of romantic ballads Adele said, that she was shocked. She called the split «the end of the era». She also added, that wanted to dedicate her concert to Brangelina.
But later she said, that she was joking about it.
"I don't care if they've broken up. I couldn't give a f--king s--t." It made me out like I was heartbroken... I don't care. I don't know them. It didn't work out. Break up if it doesn't work out; that's what I always do. Don't work out? You leave him." – Adele told the reporters.