Beyonce shows off her perfect figure


Beyonce gave birth to her doublets - a baby boy and a baby girl - one month ago. Unfortunately, the kids had inogenous jaundice, and they had to stay at a hospital for several days. After that a new mother decided not to make a public appearance, but to be wrapped up in her mother-hood.
However, recently the singer decided to appear in public. She and her husband Jay-Z went to one of the restaurants to spend time with each other.
Beyonce looked perfect. She wore a mini-skirt and high heel shoes. The beauty stunned in several snaps that revealed her perfect figure, as if she was not a new mother. Two of the images were published on Queen Be Instagram page. The mother-of-three showed her wonderful body and slender legs.
Followers paid lots of compliments to her, calling her «a sugar baby» and «perfect queen». If you want to enjoy Beyonce's new photos, click here.