Does Harry Styles miss Taylor Swift?

His fresh song is dedicated to his ex.

Fans feel certain, that the former One Direction feels nostalgic about his ex Taylor Swift. Harry's first solo offering under the name «Sign of the Times» was launched three months ago, and he established himself as a superstardom. Several days ago Harry told people about his second track.
Doubtlessly, Styles is filled with nostalgia for his ex-girlfriend Taylor Swift, because the single he decided to choose as his second solo was «Two ghosts». Seemingly, the text of the single describes Taylor. It contains such phrases as «red lips», «blue eyes», «couple more tattoos» and «white t-shirt» which refer us to his ex-partner.
Some fans also claim that we can except blue-eyed Taylor in his video «Two Ghosts». Nevertheless, Harry doesn't confirm the information. After all, it looks like his fresh track is definitely about Swift. In addition, Harry says that he always writes about his own experiences.
Despite the fact that the celebrities never confirmed their relations, the couple was spotted together several times.
Listen to Harry Styles new track here.