How much does it cost to be posted on Selena`s Instagram?

An insane amount of money.

Selena Gomez is the queen of Instagram with her more than 123 million followers. She is also the owner of the most-liked post of all time with a famous photo of herself in Coca-Cola campaign.
There is some evidence that Selena earns more than $550k for a sponsored post, even if she just hashtags a company.
An Instagram scheduling tool called Hopper that investigates internal data and publicly available information complied the list to find how much money well-known, splendid and high-profile Instapeople can earn by publishing #hashtags of different companies to their millions of worshipping, gazing longingly and quietly hating followers.
In comparison, Kim Kardashian earns $500K for a post and Cristiano Ronaldo earns $400K for one post. Both are the most popular people on Instagram. After Gomez, of course.