Vera Brezhneva has performed in Tallinn!

The performance of a very popular Russian pop-singer Vera Brezhneva took place on the 5-th of June 2015 in «IO Restoran & Lounge».

Secret Service has performed in Sochi!

Swedish band Secret Service has performed in the summer capital of Russia – Sochi on the 29-th of April 2015.

Marcia Barrett of Boney M and Eruption in Yerevan, Armenia!

The private event took place on the 17-th of April 2015 in the capital of Armenia – the city of Erevan.

Thomas Anders in Vilnius

Thomas Anders – the ex member of the legendary Modern Talking has performed in Vilnius, Lithuania on the 20-th of March 2015.

Performence in Moscow

Timati, Maksim, Nikita, Byanka, KVN Maksimum, USB, Daesh Molodezh have performed in Moscow!

The Grand Wedding in Cannes!

A very fabulous event took place on the 25-th and 26-th of April 2015 –the private wedding event in the one of the most beautiful and fashionable places in France – Cannes.

Famous UK band Blue has performed in their home country – England!

Famous UK boys band has taken part in the private birthday celebration on the 11-th of April.

Secret Service in Tartu

Legendary Swedish band Secret Service has performed in Tartu, Estonia!

Njusha and Comedy Club residents have performed in Tallinn

The official opening ceremony of the new IO Restaurant & Lounge took place on the 15-th of May 2015 in Tallinn.

Liz Mitchell of Boney-M has performed in Antalya

Liz Mitchell of Boney M has performed on a private wedding event in Turkey, Antalya, which took place on the 24-th of April 2015!

La Roux, Loreen and Mumy Troll have performed in Marbella, Spain!

The private birthday celebration took place on the 13-th of April in Marbella, in one of the most fashionable resort places in Spain, featuring different world famous artists.

Secret Service in Latvia

Legendary Swedish band Secret Service has performed in Bauska, Latvia on the 15-th of March.

Marcia Barrett of Boney M and Ricchi e Poveri have performed in Saint Petersburg!

The special private event took place in the cultural capital of Russia

Loreen has performed in Kaunas on the 24-th of April 2015

The winner of Eurovision 2012 in Baku – Swedish singer Loreen has performed with her first big solo show!

Baccara in Vilnius

The International Women's Day took place in Vilnius featuring world's famous Italian band – Baccara!

Sandra, Fancy, Bad Boys Blue in Kazan

All Star Concert of Retro FM took place on the 15-th of March in Kazan, Russia.

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