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This synth-pop group originated in Germany in 1982. The original members of the band were Marian Gold, Bernhard Lloyd, and Frank Mertens. All their names were pseudonyms. At first, the musicians called themselves “Forever Young”, but the name was changed to “Alphaville” in 1984 after they released their debut single “Big and Japan”. Their best hits were “Forever Young” and “Big and Japan”. No party of high school prom in the 1980’s could do without one of these songs.

“Big in Japan” was a hit in the USA. It got to the top of the Billboard’s Dance Chart. After the huge success of the two first singles, Frank Mertens left the band. Less than a year after his leave, Ricky Echolette (real name Wolfgang Neuhaus) took his place.
Even though AlphaVille were unable to repeat the huge success of the first two songs, they continued to appear in the top-20s and top-30s of the Dance charts. They released the second album “Afternoons in Utopia” in 1986. Then the group came up with “The Breathtaking Blue” in 1989. Afterwards, the band went on a 5-year break. Their next album Prostitute” came out in 1994. Two years later Ricky Echollete made a decision to leave. After that, the group released “Salvation” in 1997. In 2003, Bernhard Lloyd left the band. In 2003, “Crazy Show” was out. After a 7-year break, the band released “Catching Rays on Giant”

Right now the group is working on an album “Strange Attractor” due out in April 2017. The current band members are Marian Gold (from 1982), David Goodes (from 2003), Jakob Kiersch (from 2003), Carsten Brocker (from 2014) and Alexandra Merl (from 2016).
The group released 6 albums, one live album (Stark Naked and Absolutely Live in 2000), and 20 singles.

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