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BamdaMel (also known as Banda Mel and Bamda Mel) was created in Brazil in 1984. The band preferred a style called samba-reggae, which came from their native Bahia.

In 1987, the band recorded their first studio album Força Interior. It was very successful in Brazil, where it sold over 800,000 copies. Such songs as “Farao” and “Ladeira do Pelô” conquered the local charts.

In 1988, the band recorded another album E Lá Vou Eu. The LP received gold and platinum certifications, mostly thanks to the success of the single “Protesto do Olodum”, which reached high spots on the local charts.

In 1989, BamdaMel released their third LP Mel do Brasil, which was just as popular as the band’s previous work.

In 1990, the group recorded Prefixo de Verão, which became the anthem of a bahian festival in 1991. Again, the LP received platinum and gold certifications.

The LP Negra, which came out in 1992, sold over 300,000 copies. The single “Baianidade Nagô” became a huge hit. It was conquering charts and radio stations. The song was translated into other languages. The band finally received international recognition. In Brazil, many event planners were dreaming to book BamdaMel, but it was rarely possible.

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In 1993, the band released Mãe Preta. The songs included a mix of Caribbean, Latin, and African rhythms. The LP is considered to be one of the best albums created by BamdaMel.

In 1994, the band released Pulo da Gata, which included a variety of love songs. Over 100,000 copies were sold and the LP received a golden status.

In 1995, the group recorded Todo Mundo Dança. In 1996, the LP Alegria was released. A year later, the band came up with Jeitinho de Dançar. The band’s popularity was slowly waning. The last LPs weren’t reaching the same chart spots as before.

In 1998, BamdaMel decided to do what they did best – give amazing concerts. That’s how they came to release live albums Ao Vivo I (100,000 copies) and Ao Vivo II (250,000 copies). After the band recorded their second live album, Alobened left the group to pursue a solo career.

In 2001, the band released Pra te Balançar. The LP was mostly a failure. The band decided to hire a new vocalist and found Adriana. Together they recorded a fairly successful live album Ao Vivo III - Nossa História.

The group disbanded in 2002 but came back in 2006 to release another live album Ao Vivo IV: Made in Brazil.

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