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The rock band Blue Öyster Cult was formed in New York in 1967. The current lineup includes Eric Bloom, Donald Roeser, Richie Castellano, Kasim Sulton, and Jules Radino. The band is mostly known for such songs as “(Don’t Fear) The Reaper”, “Burnin’ For You”, and “Shooting Shark”.

In its early career years, the band Blue Oyster Cult was popular for their “Black Sabbath” style riffs and mystic lyrics. They created a notion of intellectual heavy metal. Such interesting song names as “A Kiss Before The Redap" и "OD'd On Life Itself" created a certain strange half-occult and half-biker image, which was appealing to many listeners.

When Blue Oyster Cult released their single “Career of Evil”, which was included in their album Secret Treaties. They went on to create a more popular song, which also appeared in the album “(Don’t Fear) The Reaper”. The song became an international hit. These songs were recorded together with Patty Smith, who continued to work with the band on their next album Agents of Fortune. She wrote the songs "Debbie Denise" и "The Revenge Of Vera Gemini". Later, she came up with one of the band’s hits “Shooting Shark”.

Secret Treaties (1974), Agents of Fortune (1976), and Spectres (1977) were the most successful studio LPs released by the band. All of the received golden certifications. In addition, Agents of Fortune was certified platinum by RIAA.

In 1978, the band released a live album “Some Enchanted Evening”, which reached the 44th spot on Billboard 200 and was rated platinum by RIAA. After that, the popularity of the band started to wane slowly.

The band had several lineup changes and went on a hiatus between 1986 and 1987. After getting back together, the group recorded Imaginos (1988), which was the last one of their albums to date to get into Billboard 200. They recorded three more albums, the success of which was not close to the band’s previous work. Blue Oyster Cult continues to give live concerts.

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