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BowWow is an American rapper and actor who became famous at the age of 13 after the release of a song recorded together with Snoop Dogg.

Bow Wow (real name - Shad Gregory Moss) was born on March 9, 1987 in Columbus, Ohio.

The boy began to take an interest in music at the age of three. At the age of six he performed under the pseudonym Kid Gangsta at a concert in Los Angeles. Then he was noticed by the famous rapper Snoop Dogg, who later gave him the stage name "Lil Bow Wow". Under this name, the musician released his debut album "Beware of Dogg" at the age of 13. After 3 years, he released the album Unleashed and became just Bow Wow. Later, the musician released three more albums - "Wanted", "The Prince of Farm" and "Geile Traume".

For the first time in the movie Bau Wow appeared in 2002, starring in a cameo role in the movie "All About the Benjamins" and "Carmen: Hip-hopper". That same year, Bow Wow played a key role in John Schultz's Like Mike for the first time, in which he played 14-year-old Calvin Cambridge, an athlete who grew up without parents and eventually became the team's best player and NBA star. This role brought the actor success and recognition, as well as invitations to other films.

In 2004, the actor co-starred with Vanessa Williams, Cedric Antonio Kiles and Solange Knowles in Johnson Family Vacation.

In 2005, the actor starred in the movie "Rollerski" by Malcolm D. Lee, and later played a supporting role in the movie "Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift" and took part in one of the episodes of the television series Entourage ("Handsome" - in Russian translation).

In 2008-2013, the actor starred in the serial family melodrama "Secret from the Parents". In 2009, the actor starred in Hurricane Season, directed by Tim Storey. In 2010, the actor co-starred with musician Ice Cube in the movie "Lottery Ticket" alongside Ice Cube. In 2013, the actor played Eric in the comedy Scary Movie 5, starring alongside such actors as Ashley Tisdale, Simon Rex, Erica Ash, Katrina Bowden and Heather Locklear.

As a guest, Bow Wow has appeared on the television series Smallville and Ugly Betty.

In 2003 Bow Wow began dating famous R'n'B singer Ciara. After 3 years, in 2006, they ended the relationship as a friendship. In April 2011, it became known that Bau Wow had a daughter from a model.

The debut album «BewareofDogg» was released at the same year when the artist was performing as LilBowWow.

With the release of the album «Unleashed» and after few years he changed his stage name for nickname on BowWow. BowWow is famous not only for their songs in the style of hip-hop, but also works in movies, for example in the film «LikeMike».

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