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C.C. Catch (real name Caroline Catharina Muller) was born in the Netherlands and then moved to Germany where she started her career in the early 1980’s. She worked with a girl band “Optimal” from 1980 until 1985 when she met Dieter Bohlen. C.C. Catch is mostly known or her work with the Modern Talking songwriter since he was pushing her forward by writing and producing all of the songs. Eventually, C.C. ended their union since it was important to her to contribute to the songs. This was unacceptable to Bohlen and they parted ways.

C.C. Catch’s biggest hits were released in 1985- 1987 when she was still working with Bohlen. They were “I Can Lose My Heart Tonight", "Cause you are young", and "Heartbreak Hotel". In 1986, she released the album “Welcome to the Heartbreak Hotel”. The single “Heartbreak Hotel” got to the top-30 and stayed there for 8 weeks. Then C.C. recorded a single “Heaven and Hell” that stayed on the first spot of the Germany’s top-10 for three weeks. Carline’s songs topped the charts in Belgium, Spain, all Scandinavian and eastern European countries.

C.C. and Bolen released 5 albums and 12 singles, most of which were hits. “Nothing But a Heartache” was the last hit recorded by the singer-songwriter duet. After that, C.C. didn’t manage to get to the top-10 anymore. She worked with Bohlen a couple of times more until the end of 1989 but did not produce any more hot hits.
After parting ways with Bohlen C.C. Catch completely changed her style and released an album that wasn’t as successful as she hoped for. She left the music scene for many years and returned in 1999. Caroline released a new single “Silence” in 2004 and it got to the 47th spot in the Germany pop chart. C.C. Catch continues her career by writing and performing her own songs.

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