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Born and raised in Puerto Rico, Chesca discovered her love for music and entertainment at a very young age when being impressed by Icons, such as Michael Jackson / Janet Jackson and Aretha Franklin. Her father, Francisco, and mother Jacoba, who are musically driven, noticed her talent and quickly encouraged her to work on her abilities. At ten years old, Chesca was training in several singing and dancing academies, and at 11, her father made her the lead singer of his cover band "Flashback," where she was able to perform for audiences of all ages. Shortly after, a former executive from Sony noticed her talent and asked for a meeting that could change her life forever. Chesca was offered a development deal with Sony Latin at only 11 years old, but fate had different plans. Just when she was only a few months away from signing a major record deal her dreams were shattered when she came face to face with death after suffering a serious boating accident when out with her dad on a "5 de Mayo", knocking her head making her hair get stuck in the motor and ripping off 70 percent of her scalp.

Chesca spent a few months in the hospital, and for ten years, she faced the toughest times of her childhood. Chesca underwent 14 reconstructive surgeries, and In between all those years, Chesca kept singing at her father's band and doing shows because it kept her mind away from her reality. She was brutally bullied at school and out in the streets, but on stage, she was a star, and no one knew what she had under her hat. (a head with no hair ) and ( tissue expanders ).

Now, Chesca, in her 20's underwent her last surgery, and she decided to give stardom another shot but had no idea how to start over. She moved from Puerto Rico to Miami and began to sing and dance once again. Shortly after, Chesca was discovered by PussyCatDolls creator "Robin Antin" who saw something special and offered her an opportunity to now sing and dance for thousands of people around the US as the lead singer for the "PCD burlesque review" under Interscope Records.

Chesca then moved to Los Angeles, where she began her professional music career. A few years went by, and Chesca was ready to become a solo artist but found it challenging being committed to a group, so she and Robin came to an agreement and parted ways.

Chesca was now back at square one. She started working with several music producers to help find herself, and who she wanted to be, she began to travel the world performing all around China and Europe. Releasing music independently and building her name, she was now in a perfect place. But In the scheme of all that, she began to miss her culture and Latin roots, and it's when she decided to find someone who could help her make her vision a reality.

Gustavo Lopez, a former Universal records executive and now Chairman and CEO of Saban Music group, joined forces with Chesca to create an undeniable sound that represents who Chesca is. Chesca is now a signed artist at Saban Music Group with her first major release "Deja de Hablar "ft JonZ, and her first number one Billboard AirPlay Hit, "Subelo "Ft. Pitbull & Static & Ben El. She also Performed along with John Travolta / Lil John and Pitbull at "Premios lo Nuestro," and she's now ready to release her biggest single yet "Te Quiero Baby" Ft. Pitbull and the legendary Frankie Valli in mid-August, 2020.

Chesca is ready and committed to continue to grow her audience around the world, sharing her inspiring self-made story and struggle, which will be a massive motivation for millions of women and people around the world.

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