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Daft Punk duo consists of two talented men – Thomas Bangalter and Guy Manuel de Homem-Christo. At first the musicians met at the opening of their lycee. It was in Paris, in 1987. They recorded their first tracks at school. Five years later they cooperated to found a musical indie rock group called Darlin`. It is worth noting that Laurent Brancowitz performed on drums. Bass and guitar were playing by Thomas and Guy Manuel.The trio got an adverse publicity in Melody Market, naming their music «a bunch of daft punk». Nevertheless, guys thought it to be funny and cute. Their trio Darlin` disbanded, and Thomas and Guy Manuel decided to form their own music group Daft Punk. Thomas and Guy Manuel`s debut single was «New Wave», and it was released in 1994. In 1995 Daft Punk launched their first commercially viable record «Da Funk». After that they had to find their own manager – Thomas and Guy Manuel decided to work with Pedro Winter. Their debut album under the name «Homework» included their singles «New Wave» and «Da Punk». It was all by means an innovative mix of different styles like techno, electro, house and acid house. People say it is one of the most significant albums of the 90's. The key aspect of their group is that the musicians mix drum machines and synthesisers.
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