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Alternative rock was very popular in the 80s, and there were lots of bands which played such music. Dead or alive was no exception. The band became famous with their hit called "You spin me round (Like a record)". 
It appeared in 1977 under the name "The Mystery Girls". The band's music career did not last long - they gave one concert, and then "The Mystery Girls" disbanded. One year later a solo singer and guitarist Pit Burnst decided to renew and made another musical band called "Nightmares in Wax". Finally, in 1980 he created Dead or alive, and a big music journey started.
The first track launched by Dead or alive was "I'm falling", then they released "Number eleven" and "The stranger". In 1982 the band had its first concert tour, which took place in Great Britain. The tour was successful. 
"That's the way (I like it)" was the first song by Dead or alive which gained popularity. However, their hit number one is "You spin me round (Like a record)", which was launched in 1984. The single led them to the worldwide fame and it was so popular that in 2003 they created a mix "Begin to spin me round" in collaboration with Danny Minogue.
At the end of the 80s' Dead or alive became a fixture in Japan. Japanese people liked their music and unusual approach to it, so the band won the favor of them in the nick of time. Their track "Turn around and count 2 ten" became his number one in Japan. Dead or alive also took part in different Japanese festivals.
In 2004 Pit Burnst decided to start his solo music career, and the musicians cut the number of their concerts. In 2016 Pit Burnst died. Dead or alive disbanded.

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