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The DJ duo Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike was formed in 2007, in Belgium. It consists of two brothers Dimitri and Mike Thivaios. They are particularly famous for such hits as “”The Hum”, “Mammoth”, and “Find Tomorrow (Ocarina)”. They hold an NRJ Music award.

Touring the U.S.A. Europe, Asia, and Australia the duo Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike gathers huge audiences in the night clubs and stadiums. Electronic music fans are buying the tickets to their concerts in a flash. The duo is world famous and there is no reason to think that the fame is about to leave them any time soon. Every day they make their music sound better. The brothers’ booming energy makes their performances a true masterpiece.

The duo Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike started touring the world in 2008. Every day more and more people are talking about their music. It’s impossible to ignore such a happening in the world of electronic music. In 2013, the duo won an International Dance Music Awards in the Breakthrough DJ nomination. The award made them an even more famous and acclaimed group. Dimitri and Mike are not just elite DJs, they are also well-known for their work as producers.

In March 2014, the duo managed to top the Beatport chart. The success of their song “Mammoth” was impressive. It topped the chart for 4 weeks and reached the 44th spot on the Belgium singles chart. Dancing Astronaut called “Mammoth” the song of the month. Only a few weeks later, the duo released another hit song “Turn it Up”, which also topped Beatport. The same year the brothers released another hit single “Find Tomorrow (Ocarina)”. The song reached the 2nd spot on the Belgian Singles Chart.

The brothers became so famous that even the legendary New York, Ibiza, Miami, and London clubs have trouble booking the duo. Everyone knows that their performance is bound to collect a huge fan crowd and everyone will be satisfied with the music. Dimitri and Mike know how to put on a really good show. They continue working on new music and performing live.

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