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DJ Amadeus, whose real name is Dennis Ivanoff was born in Ukraine. He immigrated to the United States when he was just 13 years old. In the 1990’s, when the age of clubbing was on the rise, Dennis was growing up. His family respected music and taught the boy how to play the piano when he was just 5 years old. When Dennis became older, he learned to play the drums and studied classical music.

In 1995, Dennis went to a club for the first time and was very impressed with the work of a DJ. Back then, he was already in love with music, but his trip to the club made him realize that his passion lay in DJing. It didn’t take Dennis too long to become one of the famous young DJs and producers in New York. With time, he became popular for his love of international music and tones. In 2005, Amadeus made it to the top 100 of DJ Magazine. A year later, he reached the 26th spot on the chart.

Amadeus was performing in the hottest New York clubs, such as Limelight and Webster Hall. He also became a DJ at the popular party Imagine Fridays at Club Exit. It didn’t take Amadeus long to build a substantial fan base. He was working non-stop, performing in front of thousands of listeners. Amadeus was also working on his career as a producer. He created hit club songs “The Arrival” and “Let’s Bounce”.

In 2000’s, Amadeus career was on the rise. He worked in a variety of clubs all over the world and performs with such celebrities as Christopher Lawrence, He continues to work in such popular NY clubs as Club Punk and M2 Ultralounge. He also tours the world.

Besides touring and performing, Amadeus is working on his production career. He created “Something You Know” together with Benny Maze. The song featured Leo on Gray Home Recordings. He also worked on a variety of remixes.

Amadeus is slowly but surely becoming the world most famous DJ. He frequents Asia, Canada, Middle East, and Europe. He is improving his style with time and caters to the younger generation of listeners. Amadeus works with a variety of musicians and labels.

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