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Kay Slay was born on August 14, 1966, in NYC. He is a professional hip-hop DJ. Slay’s real name is Keith Grayson. He released 3 studio albums and 11 singles. Slay is particularly known for his songs “Too Much for Me”, “Not Your Average Joe”, and “About That Life”.

In the early 1980’s Kay went by the name of Dez and tried himself as a graffiti artist. He was even featured in a documentary movie Style Wars. In the late 1980’s, as the graffiti popularity was waning, Dez started having problems with drugs and ended up being jailed. In the 1990’s Keith was released from jail and made a promise not to get involved with drugs ever again

In 1990’s, Keith started his DJing career, which was much more successful than that of a graffiti artist. He performed under the nicknames Dezzy Dez, The Drama King, and Slap Your Favorite DJ.

In 2003, Keith released his debut album The Streetsweeper Vol. 1. The album was a big hit. It reached the 4th spot the U.S. R&B Billboard Chart and 22nd spot on Billboard 200. Later the same year, he released s single “Too Much for Me”. It reached the 53rd spot on U.S. R&B or Hip-Hop Billboard Chart. The song brought Slay immense popularity and allowed him to become the highest-ranking DJ on the R&B or Hip-Hop Billboard Chart.

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In 2004, Slay released his second studio album The Streetsweeper Vol. 2. The LP was slightly less successful than Kay’s previous work but stilled climbed to the 27th spot on Billboard 200 and reached the 10th spot on U.S. R&B or Hip-Hop Billboard Chart. The album included two hits: “Who Gives A Fuck Where You From” and “Not Your Average Joe”.

In 2010, Keith released his third album More Than Just a DJ, which wasn’t as successful as his previous work but still made it into Billboard 200, even if just on the 133rd spot. He went on to release several successful singles, including “The Kings of The Streets” (2011) and “About That Life” (2013).

Slay keeps his personal life secret so the fans don’t have any information about whether he is married or has kids. At some point, there were rumors that he is gay but then they were disproven.

Currently, Slay’s approximate net worth is $6 million. He sold more than 350,000 copies of his two first albums. He also released several popular music videos that were played on BET and MTV. Slay was also featured in NFL Street Video Game. He continues to create new music and performs live.

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