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Don Toliver is a renowned musician who is a resident of the Travis Scott music label.

The future rapper was born with raised in one of the poor areas of Houston. He studied at the most ordinary school, and was an ordinary boy who lacks stars from the sky. He studied reluctantly and often brought home bad grades. Teachers often complained to his family that he misbehaved with other classmates.

As a teenager, Don Toliver became interested in music. Initially, he considered himself a music lover, listened to what fell into his player or his friends gave him on disks or cassettes. But soon he decided on his favorite musical genre. It was rap. Initially, Don Toliver perceived this just as a pleasant hobby and a way to have a great time, but then he realized that he simply could not live without music.

After school, he tried to work in various fields, as he needed money to support himself and help his family. He never found his place in these works, and in 2017 he finally decided to quit everything and get down to creative work.

In May 2017, he begins to collaborate with a more or less famous rapper under the pseudonym Yungjosh. Together they record the music track "Playa Familia". The song became popular, and Don Toliver felt the strength to start working on his own musical project, to act as a solo artist. In the summer, he released two more songs, called "Diva" and "I Gotta".

About a year later, he began to work closely with the music label "Atlantic Records", which offered him to sign a very lucrative contract. The collaboration with the label resulted in the songs "Make Sumn" and "Checks".

The summer of 2018 was creatively fruitful for him, he released another single together with rapper Dice Soho.

Also, a large number of clips were released for his songs, and he shot them both independently and together with other musical figures. For one of his singles, DJ Kevin Gates recorded a remix, which was also well received by electronic music lovers.

At the moment, the musician collaborates with the label "Travis Scott", plans to release the next album and collaborate with other musicians.

Don Toliver positions himself as a hip-hop and rap artist, however, music critics see other notes in his work, and not the above-mentioned musical directions in their pure form. They claim to have a meditative note that they use to get into a trance state. At the same time, his work is highly appreciated, many modern rap performers work with him, they speak extremely well of the artist.

In the last months of his work, he became interested in uploading videos in the Tik-Tok application, where he has his own audience of subscribers and fans.

He treats his work very responsibly, since in less than 2 years he managed to release as many as 3 full-length studio albums. He writes music and lyrics for his own tracks himself.

The musician keeps information about the state of his personal life in secret. It is known that officially his heart is not yet occupied.

Thus, Don Toliver is a Texas rapper who was not afraid to make music his life's work and did not regret it.

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