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Eddy (Edward) Huntington was born in England but started his career in Italy. His parents were hoping he would become a doctor or a priest; however, he had other plans. Eddy started singing when he was 17. Three years later, he moved to London, where he worked as a DJ and studied choreography in the famous dancing studio Pineapple. While attending the studio he got gigs on fashion shows, where he was noticed by the famous producer Roberto Turatti. In 1986, he signed a contract with Big Records and moved to Italy where he released his most famous hit “USSR”. The single received a big recognition in Europe and the former USSR. This song still hasn’t lost its popularity.

Eddy went on to record several more songs that became popular as well. They were “Up and Down”, “Physical Attraction”, “Meet My Friend”, and “May Day”. In 1989, he released his first and only album “Bang Bang Baby”, which was produced by Roberto Turatti. In 1990, Huntington released a single “Hey Senorita”, which didn’t get the same popularity as his previous hits so he made a decision to leave the music world to become a teacher.

15 years later, Eddy returned to performed at some concerts in Russia, where he was warmly received. Then Huntington went off the radar for another 6 years and in 2011 recorded a new song “Honey, Honey!” with a Russian duet DiscoBonus. In 2013, he recorded “Rainy Day in May.” Since then Huntington hasn’t released any new hits, however, he still gives private concerts in Europe and Russia. The artist currently resides in London with his family.

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