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Edith Marquez – Mexican singer and actress

Edith Marquez was born on 27th January 1973 in Mexico City. Since the earliest childhood, she was interested in music. When Marquez was just 5 years old she won Juguemos a cantar music contest.

When Edith turned 14, she was invited to become a member of the popular Mexican teenage pop band Timbiriche. At the same time, she was offered a role in the TV series Papa Soltera. Together with Timbiriche, Edith recorded three studio album. After the release of Timbiriche X, the young woman left the band.

From 1991 until 1998, Edith devoted herself to the acting career. She landed secondary roles in the TV soap operas. Papa Soltera was her longest acting project. It stayed on the air for 4 years. In 1995, a movie based on the series was released, where Edith portrayed her character, Alejandra Costa.

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In 1998, Edith signed a contract with Warner Music and released her debut studio album Frente a Ti. The LP included such popular songs as “Mi error, mi fantasia”, “Mirae”, and “Por hablarle de ti.” More than 350,000 copies were sold. The LP was certified golden in Mexico and became platinum with time.

In 2000, Edith released her second album Caricias del Cielo. It featured such hits as “Acostúmbrame al cielo”, which was very popular in South America, “Nubes negras,” and “Esta vez”. A year later Marquez recorded her third LP, Extravíate. The single “Mi Nombre” became very popular in Mexico.

In 2003, Edith recorded her fourth album ¿Quién Te Cantará? The inspiration for this album Edith got from the famous Spanish composer Juan Carlos Calderon. She recorded her personal interpretations of the composer’s work. The LP was very popular. Over 130,000 copies were sold.

In 2005, Edith released Cuando Grita La Piel, which she recorded in Miami. Two years later, she released Memorias Del Corazón. The LP sold 120,000 copies and was certified golden in Mexico. Back then, the singer was at the peak of her popularity. Many private event organizers tried to book Edith Marquez but mostly got no for an answer.

In 2008, Marquez released another studio album Pasiones de Cabaret. The same year she recoded her first live álbum En Concierto desde el Metropólitan.

In 2009, Edith recorded the LP Duele, which contained such hits as “Me Voy”, “Que Corra El Aire, “ and “El Ultimo Beso”.

In 2013, Marqueze released her tenth studio album Emociones. For the first time, the singer recorded ranchero songs. The LP was rather popular in Mexico but didn’t reach the same heights as her previous work. Three years later, Edith released the second part of the album Emociones II, where she performed 10 top pop-songs in the ranchero genre.

Today, Edith Marquez continues to work on her acting and singing career.

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