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Erreway is an Argentine pop-rock band

In the beginning of 2000’s, Rebelde Way was a popular Argentinian TV series, produced by Cris Morena Group. It was a story about a teenage band Erreway, the members of which attended a prestigious college. The show became so popular that Morena decided that the band should become real. This is how Erreway appeared. It consisted of four teenagers, who starred in Rebelde Way. They were very successful. All clubs tried to book Erreway for their events.

The band released the first LP Señales in 2002. It included songs from the first season of the series. After shooting, the guys went on tours and made music videos. Erreway’s first concert was attended by more than 10,000 people.

Following this unprecedented success, in 2003, Morena continued shooting the second season of Rebelde Way. Songs from it became part of the band’s second LP Tiempo. More than 2 million copies of the album were sold.

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The shooting of the third season was canceled because the cast wasn’t interested in it. However, in 2004, Erreway released another LP Memoria. The songs from it became part of the original soundtrack for the new Cris Morena’s project “4 Roads”. Once more, four popular teenagers starred in it. The film received negative reviews but was commercially successful. The single “Memoria” became the most successful song in the band’s career. It was the also the most popular song Cris Morena has ever written. It topped Argentinian Single Chart.

Unfortunately, after a long tour to support the LP, Erreway started falling apart. Luisana Lopilato was the first one to refuse participation in the new tour due to a lack of time.

In the summer of 2006, Bordonaba and Colombo went on a tour in Spain to support a compilation album Erreway un Concierto released by Warner Music Spain. In 2007, as a trio, they performed at the Spain music fest Sunny Happy Day and released a new collection of their best songs Erreway Presenta Su Caja Recopilatoria.

After this, the band fell apart and the members pursued solo careers.

Luisana Lopilato starred in three big films: Los Secretos de Papa, Pensionados, Casado con Hijos.

Camila Bordonaba got a small role in the series Floricienta and starred in El Patron de la Vereda.

Felipe Colombo got secondary roles in Rincon de Luz and Culpable de Este Amor.

Benjamin Rojas starred in the series Floricienta.

In 2012, Felipe Colombo, Benjamin Rojas, and Willie Lorenzo formed a new band Roco.

Although Erreway broke up 10 years ago, Felipe recently announced that he is hoping to reunite the band for a concert tour in Europe and South America.

Luisana Lopilato (till 2005)
Camila Bordonaba
Felipe Colombo
Benjamin Rojas

Musician of the group:
Laura Corrazzina – bass
Silvio Furmansky – guitar
Luis Burgio – drummer
Willie Lorenzo – choir, guitar
Gustavo Novello – keyboard

2002 – Señales
2003 – Tiempo
2004 – Memoria

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