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FEMM – Japanese electronic dance duo

Japanese duo FEMM was formed in Tokyo in 2013. The lineup includes two young women RiRi (agent Honey B) and LuLa (agent W-Trouble). Not too many details are available about their early life, friendship, and basis for forming a group. Their real names also seem to be a secret. In October 2013, the young women released a video about RiRi and LuLa walking the streets of Japan. They positioned themselves as mannequins, who are voiced and managed by agents. In February 2014, the duo released two more videos "UFO" and "Astroboy". The first one was a cover for a famous Japanese band Pink Lady’s song, recorded in 1977. The duo’s texts mostly feature the popular subjects of feminism, girl power, and freedom of speech.

After releasing the first three videos, the group failed to earn the desired recognition. They made a decision to record an EP, Astroboy. The album didn’t make it into the charts. It came out in April 2014 when the artists were already working on the debut LP.

Six months later, FEMM presented Femm-Isation. The album was released with the assistance of Maximum 10 and Avex Music Creative Inc. The producers were Alexei Misoul, Dan Book, Daniel James, Kevin Ross, Leah Haywood, Andreas Carlsson, and Dreamlab. The album reached the 10th position on the US World Albums Chart, which for a Japanese duo was a huge success. The LP featured such hits as "We Flood the Night", "Kill the DJ", "The Real Thing", "Party All Night", and "Girls Night Out". It was released in two versions, an original and together with the next EP.

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The new EP got the name Pow!/L.C.S. It came out in February 2016. The album featured 10 songs, among which were "PoW!", "L.C.S.", "Fxxk Boyz Get Money (Invaderous Remix)", "Whiplash (sfpr Remix)", and "UFO (Original Mix)". Even though the album didn’t make it into the popular charts, it allowed the duo to become even more popular in Japan. Many fans tried to book FEMM for different private events.

Combining Femm-Isation and ЕР Pow!/L.C.S. was a good commercial decision. The number of fans started growing. The two albums allowed the audience to get a good idea of the artists’ talents. In December 2014 and March 2016, FEMM recorded instrumental versions of the albums. They called them Femm-Isation Instrumentals and PoW! / L.C.S. (Instrumental).

In 2017, the artists worked on a cover album 80s/90s J-POP REVIVAL. The album didn’t appear on the national charts. The single "My Revolution / 今夜はブギー・バック (nice vocal)", featured in the LP, was a cover version of the popular song by Kenji Ozawa. The single was a hit back in 1986. Another interesting track "卒業 / 浪漫飛行" was a cover for Yuki Saito’s debut single "Sotsugyō", which came out back in 1985.

The same year, the band came up with a non-album song "Do It Again feat. LIZ". Even though it failed to become an international hit, the single was very popular in Japan.

In 2018, the duo recorded a new LP, dollhouse. The ratings are not available yet. At the same time, they worked with Hitomi Kaji on the single “CANDY GIRL”, which became part of the LP, 90S & NEW REVIVAL.

FEMM has recorded numerous music videos for their songs. The latest were "Up Up & Away" and "Plastic".

The duo is constantly working on new projects and performing live.


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