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Funkerman (real name Ardie van Beek) is a famous DJ and producer from the Netherlands, co-owner of the Flamingo Recordings record company.

His singles "Rule the Night" and "The One" turned up the dance floors  of many clubs in Holland.

The last four years have made the Funkerman name a dream come true for the art directors of all the big clubs. Each of them understands that this is far from the glory of one or two successful tracks, that the public “wants” and wants him strongly - this is funkeromania. "Put Your Hands Up For Detroit", "The Creeps", "Speed ​​Up" and "3 Minutes To Explain" will all become, without exaggeration, classics. When a DJ plays one of these tapes at the end of the night five years later, people will applaud, and yesterday, perhaps, a kid was born who, twenty years from now, will make a name for himself on a "remake" of any of the above.

At the age of 13, Ardie van Beek wore wide pants, spread his fingers and swayed to the beat. It was a time when his heroes were people of hip-hop culture, and all this explosive mixture of soul, disco and funk flying in pieces of torn samples through wires and speakers into his soul seemed the height of skill and a true opposition to society and the future.

The early 90s and young Ardi ended up at the Spock House Club in Breda's hometown. Todd Terry, Derrick May and Lil Louis are the new conquerors of the mind. Their beat, energy and soulful component of house, love, not protest, - finally hooked him on the hook of the music, which became the essence of Funkerman.

The usual story goes on. The record store, which showed how huge the world is in the games that he decided to play, to play with success. Another important point that he learned was the ability to notice why one disc explodes everything and by noon of the day of the start of sales you cannot find a copy, and the other falls doomily into the dust of lack of interest. "This difference may be so small, but so significant!"

Working with records gradually changed to being an A&R manager, and at some point, as Steve Jobs says, "all the points came together." Having understood the beginnings and ends of the industry, Ardie van Beek, together with friend Raf and producer Fedde le Grand, launched Flamingo Recordings, which has become one of the most explosive house arrays today. The further history is known to everyone, this is a success story, its continuation will already be before our eyes. Enjoy watching! .. Listening.

For "fankeromania" - to us. But do not reassure yourself in vain - his schedule is scheduled for 4-6 months in advance and the "flamingo holder" loves good clubs.

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