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Gavin DeGraw was born on February 4, 1977, in New York. He is a singer and a songwriter. Gavin is mostly known for such hits as “Don’t Want to Be”, “Chariot”, and “Not Over You”. He was nominated for a variety of awards, including Billboard and Grammy awards.

When DeGraw was just 8 years old, he started playing the guitar and singing. Later, he studied at the Berkley University. Soon after graduation, Gavin decided to pursue a music career. Meanwhile, his brother Joey worked on his solo career as well. Both were successful.

At first, Gavin performed at the local clubs. His popularity as well as the popularity of his songs were growing each day. For example, his first single “I Don’t Want to Be” soon became a hymn for the teenagers of 2000’s. In 2004, it reached the 10th spot on Billboard Hot 100.

The next song written by Gavin “Chariot”, was just as successful as the first single and entered various European charts while reaching the 30th spot on Billboard Hot 100. The same year, Gavin released his first album, Chariot, which was certified platinum in the USA, and went on a tour.

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In 2008, Gavin released his second studio album Gavin DeGraw. The LP reached the 7th spot on Billboard 200 and 21st spot on Canadian Albums Chart. The LP included a hit single “In Love With A Girl”.

In 2009, Gavin recorded his next album Free, which was not as successful as the predecessors. It reached the 19th spot on the Billboard 200 chart. None of the singles from that album managed to enter the charts.

Gavin’s next album Sweeter (2011) was the most successful LP in his career to date. It reached the 8th spot on Billboard 200 and 65th spot on ARIA chart. A single “Not Over You” became an international hit and was certified platinum in the USA.

McGraw released two more albums, the latest one to date being Something Worth Saving (2016). Both of his latest albums were much less successful. McGraw continues to work on his music career and performs live.

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