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Born in Beirut, an Italian musician Gazebo (real name Paul Mazzolini) performed all over the world in Euro and Italo disco styles. When he turned 15, his parents moved from Beirut back to Italy where he finished high school. At 18, Paul went to London where he tried to set up several music bands and decided to become a professional musician. A year later Gazebo returned to Rome where he met a DJ Paul Micioni They decided to record a song written by Paul called “Masterpiece”. The single was released and became popular in Europe and Asia.
In 1983, Paul signed a contract with a recording studio Baby Records and released his first album “Gazebo”, which included one of his most famous hits “I Like Chopin”. The song topped the charts in German, France, Italy, Canada, Japan, Korea, Turkey, and many other countries. It got to the top-10 in USA. It stayed at the top chart positions for many weeks. The single sold 10 million copies. In 1984, Gazebo released his second album “Telephone Mama”. Even though the style was different from the previous one, the album sold a big number of copies worldwide.
In 1985, Gazebo had to take a break from music since he joined the army. After coming back, he created a recording label Lunatic S.r.l and started working on various projects, including producing for other performers. The album included the single “Lunatic” that got into top-10 of various charts in Europe.
In 1986, Paul released his new album Univision. Two years later, he made a decision to change the music genre and tried to return to the progressive pop music of the 1970’s with the album “Rainbow Tales”
In 1989, Gazebo recorded “Sweet Life”. This album created solely by Paul, including songwriting and producing. One of the songs from that album “Dolce Vita” became a hit of the late 1980’s. In 1991 and 1992, Paul worked with an Albanian artist Ardit Gjebrea. One of the songs they wrote together (Jon) became a hit in Albania.
Gazebo continued to work with Ardit while recording his own songs and release compilation albums. So far, he released 13 albums and 22 singles. Paul continues to perform in Italy and other countries.

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