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World renowned race car driver Giancarlo Fisichella is now available to you as an equally world class DJ. The Italian has a long history with motorsport having come up through the ranks from karting to Formula 3 and eventually Formula 1, and he continues to race for the Ferrari-AF endurance team. As well as being the most talented post war Italian racing driver, though, he is now an experienced DJ with lots of passion and artistic purpose.

Playing a mixture of commercial and future house music carefully selected with his own unique ear, then masterfully mixed together in his own unique style, Giancarlo plots lines between the worlds of sport, Ferrari and music. He is no stranger to the big stage and is used to performing in clubs all around the world. His dedication and passion have seen him win many fans in the scene and when you add in to that his sporting star quality, it is fair to say that Giancarlo is just the DJ you need to really add some flair to your event, function, ceremony or party.



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