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Huxley`s creative work includes different club hits experiences. He works on his solo projects as well as he collaborates with his intimate friends Sam Russo and Ethyl. They work hard to try new things and colour the music, showing his powerful club energy.

Huxley`s Djing unites a diversity of sounds. He does well swung drums as well as bass.

He tours from Africa to Australia, expanding boundaries and getting a wider window to the world of music.

Huxley`s own Rinse FM Show gained a great success.

Huxley is one of the most sensational standouts of the scene, and he proves it. Huxley`s future project is No Idea`s Original. This ambitious project is a collaboration of Huxley and his peers and their vision of house&techno house.
Mind your ears! Huxley has fully arrived on 2016.

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