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Jim Stubblefield, Jean-Pierre Durand, and Lisa Carbe created Incendio (which means ‘fire’ in Spanish) in 1999. With the help of three guitars, the band members come up with unusual Latin music. They prefer such styles as bolero, cumbia, tango, salsa, mambo, and criollos. Incendio adds some jazz and speed to these styles and gets a melody, which, as the members say, makes the listener balance on the edge of the seat. The musicians also like throwing some Arabian, Indian, and Celtic music into the mix.

Since 2000, the band gives an average of 150 concerts per year. Incendio live shows are phenomenal. The audience always reacts positively to their music regardless of how big or small the stage is. Incendio attends all the large music festivals in the USA, including Strawberry Music Festival, Sundance Film Festival, California World Festival, and more.

In 2000, the band recorded their first album Misterioso, which immediately became very popular in private circles. Even at that time, it was tough to book Incendia. The instrumental group, the main “voice” of which was the guitar, conquered the hearts of many music lovers in the USA. The guitar, of course, has the leading role, however, other instruments, such as mandolin, violin, bass, and piano, help create a unique melody.

Even though there aren’t any words in Incendio’s songs, the melody itself is so rich that it tells its own story. Such powerful songs as “Of Sword and Shadow” or lightweight creations as “The Parrot And the Lama” show the amazing skills of the musicians. Each track brings the audience something new and exciting.

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The band released nine discs, each one of which contains an impressive variety of sounds and styles. It’s hard to pinpoint the band’s style. For example, older albums could be characterized as “new flamenco” or “rumba flamenco”. However, one of the newer LPs Shape Of Dreams (2013) can’t be described in just a couple of words. Such phenomenon is common for the band. They call it a blessing and a curse simultaneously. It’s a blessing because they are free to mix virtually any styles to get what they want. Meanwhile, it’s a curse because such uniqueness doesn’t allow Incendio gain mainstream popularity. Since the music is so unusual, it usually appears on small radio stations, college radio and the internet, where it gets most of the support from.

Even though Incendio is very proud of their studio album, they should also be commended for their amazing live shows. One of them was recorded as an album called Dia y Noche (2005). It makes an unforgettable impression.

In 2014, after the release of The Shape of Dreams, the band went on a long USA tour, where the musicians conquered the hearts of many new fans.

In 2015, the band released a new album O Night Divine. Incendio actively works on new albums and gives frequent concerts.

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