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Jose Feliciano is a singer and songwriter from Puerto Rico whose career began in 1962. His most famous hits are “Light My Fire” and “Feliz Navidad”. Feliciano is known for mixing music styles.

Jose Feliciano became blind soon after birth. When he turned five, his family immigrated to the United States and settled in New York. Feliciano taught himself to play the guitar. When he was nine, Jose was already giving concerts in the Puerto Rican theater in Harlem. When Feliciano turned 17, he started earning money by performing at a Greenwich Village café. Then he moved to Detroit where the music critics were calling him a rising star. After successful performances at Mar del Plata festival, RCA Victor offered Feliciano to record a couple Spanish songs at their studio. His view of the classic bolero completely changed the genre. In that studio, Feliciano recorded famous hits “Poquita Fe” and “Usted”.
Feliciano went on to release several albums, including “The Voice & Guitar of Jose Feliciano” (1964) and “Fantastic Feliciano” (1965). Feliciano became a household name in Latin America, Mexico, and the Caribbean.

In 1968, the artist released a new album “Feliciano”. The hit got into top-3 of the Billboard charts. The same year he got two Grammy Awards for Best New Artist of The Year as well as Best Pop Song if the Year. The awards got Feliciano worldwide recognition.

Feliciano continued recording albums in both English in Spanish. In the 1970’s he was releasing an album per year until 1975. He took a 5-year break and then continued into the 1980’s with his popularity never waning. In 1970, Feliciano recorded an album with Christmas songs, which included his best hit “Feliz Navidad”. It became a hit for years to come.

Feliciano released 63 albums, 45 of which became platinum, and was awarded eight Grammys. His hands’ cast is featured in the Madame Tussauds museum. Feliciano is the only artist who was allowed to perform his own variation of the USA national anthem. Feliciano still attends various events and performs for the public.

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