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Joy is an Austrian group that was established in 1984. Even though the musicians took some breaks throughout the career, the band continues to perform nowadays. Their biggest hits are “Valerie”, “Hello”, and “Touch by Touch”.

The group was created in an Austrian resort town Bad Aussee by Andy Schweitzer, Freddy Jaklitsch, and Manfred Temmel. They were friends since childhood and performed as part of various amateur bands. After finishing high school, Andy became a police officer, Freddy took on a teaching career, and Manfred worked as a DJ in a small German town.
In 1984, old friends got back together and decided to dedicate themselves to music once again. Musicians called themselves Joy and signed a contract with a recording company OK-Musica. The young trio needed someone to guide them and started working with Michael Scheickl, who already had some show business experience.
In 1985, the band released their first song “Lost in Hong Kong”, which was written by Michael. It didn’t become a hit, but got the group noticed by the music world. Six months later Joy released their second single “Touch by Touch. It became one of the top-20 dancing hits in Europe. In Austria, Spain, and Portugal the single sold over 50,000 copies.
The first Joy’s album “Hello” didn’t just top the Austrian charts, but got to some high places in the rest of European ratings. It was sold in more than 30 countries all over the world. “Valerie” was another song from that album. Even though it wasn’t released as a single, it became immensely popular in the eastern Europe.
In 1986, Joy recorded their second album “Joy and Tears”. The biggest hit from that album was “Japanese Girls”, which earned the band popularity in Asia.
The group kept releasing albums until 1995. Then Andy Schweitzer left the band and the rest of the group members went on a long break. In 2010, all three original band reunited. Later that year, they performed at a music festival in Moscow. In 2011, Joy released a new album “Enjoy”. It got to the 21st place in the Austrian chart. The band still performs together.

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