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Kat DeLuna was born on 26 November 1987 in Bronx, New York. Soon after she was born, Kat’s family moved to the Dominican Republic. Since childhood, DeLuna was dreaming of becoming a singer. She was a big fan of Aretha Franklin. In 1996, the family moved back to the United States. This time, they settled in Newark. Kat’s parents soon divorced. In her first song “Estoy Triste”, the singer talked about her hurt feelings and explained how tough it was to listen to her parents fighting.

After the divorce, the family had financial troubles. Kat’s sisters tried earning money by performing in local plays and festivals. These gigs helped the family survive. They also allowed Kat to perform with such celebrities as Marc Anthony and Milly Quezada.

When DeLuna was 14, she enrolled in the school of arts, dreaming about a singing career. Soon she was noticed by a label, J Records. Kat was invited to perform with the girl band, Coquette. A year later, she won a karaoke contest sponsored by Coca Cola. At the contest, she sang "I Will Always Love You". After that performance, a singer Rey Ruiz told Kat that she had a big future as a solo singer.

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In 2007, she signed a contract with Epic Records. She worked with such famous producers as Jane't Sewell-Ulepic and RedOne. The same year, the singer released her debut single “Whine Up”. It was commercially successful, debuting on the 24th spot of Bubbling Under Hot 100.

Kat’s debut LP, 9 Lives, came out shortly. It stayed in Billboard 200 for four weeks. The single “Run The Show”, featured in the LP, reached the 2nd place on Billboard’s Dance Chart. Many organizers tried to book Kat DeLuna for private events.

In 2008, Kat DeLuna performed the American anthem at a football game. The performance was unsuccessful. The fans jeered. Time called DeLuna’s performance of the anthem one of the 10 worst ones in history. It was a tough time for Kat, but she didn’t give up.

In 2009, she announced plans for a new album. The singer revealed the name, Inside Out. The LP came out in 2010 after Kat signed a contract with Universal Motown. The album was less successful than the previous one but became very popular in Europe.

In April 2010, the singer recorded a single “Push Push” with Akon. It became the leading single of the second album. During a short tour of France and Belgium, the artist signed a contract with Universal Music Belgium.

In January 2011, Jennifer Lopez presented a new single “On the Floor”. Many Kat’s fans and some critics said that the single was plagiarized off DeLuna’s “Party O’Clock”, which came out a year earlier. In one of the interviews to New Your Daily News, Kat said that she was happy to know that she inspired such celebrities as J.Lo. When asked about the situation on one of the TV shows, Lopez said that she doesn’t know anything about the matter. The show’s staff leaked information that Lopez asked the show hosts not to touch upon the subject, but they did anyway.

In 2011, DeLuna announced that she was working on a new album. She called it Viva Out Loud. The LP was supposed to come out in 2013 but the release never happened.

In 2015, the singer released a single “Bum Bum” together with Trey Songz. A year later, she worked with Jeremih to record “What a Night”.

In the summer of 2015, DeLuna finally presented her next LP, Loading, which featured such hits as "Wanna See U Dance (La La La)", "Drop it Low", "Stars", "Sobredosis", and "What a Night". It’s worth noting that the singer released a special version of this LP for Japan. It featured a completely different track list.

Kat DeLuna continues recording hits and performing live.

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