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Macy Gray (real name Natalie Renée McIntyre) was born in Ohio on September 8, 1967. She is a singer, a songwriter, and an actress. Gray is mostly known for her R&B and soul music style influenced by Billie Holliday. Macy was nominated for five Grammy awards. She recorded six popular studio albums and appeared in several Hollywood movies, including Spider Man (as herself). Her most famous songs are “I Try” and “Beauty in The World”.

When Natalie finished high school, she moved to Los Angeles and enrolled into USC Film School. Even though she was thinking of becoming an actress, Natalie was swayed by her friends, who were mostly musicians and started helping them with songwriting. One time her friend asked McIntyre to cover for her at a show and Natalie performed her own song. The public was impressed by her talent and Natalie admitted that singing was a good way to earn money. She joined a jazz band and started performing. Some time later McIntyre changed her name to Macy Gray.

In 1997, Macy signed a contract with Atlantic Records but the company didn’t release her first album. Macy returned to Ohio and stayed there for a while until Epic Records offered her contract, which she signed in April 1998. In June Macy started recording her new album “On How Life Is”, which was released in the summer of 1999. The album wasn’t a big hit until 2000 when Macy was nominated for a Grammy. At the same time, she released a single “I Try”, which turned into a huge hit. It got into the top 5 of the Billboard Hot 100. Her album “On How Love Is” became platinum 3 times.

In 2001, Gray gets three Grammy nomination and wins one award for her single “I try”. She continued to work on new albums and recorded songs with other artists. Meanwhile, Gray got a small role in the movie “Training Day”.

Macy continued to work on her acting and singing career, however, her new songs were not as popular as before. Right now, she is focusing on acting and hosting TV shows but still performs for the public.

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