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Michel Telo was born on January 21, 1981, in Brazil. He is a singer and a songwriter, mostly known for such songs as “Bara Bara” and “Ai Se Eu Te Pego”.

Michel started performing when he was just 6 years old. He was singing in the school choir. When Michel turned 10, his father bought him an accordion and that’s when the boy’s talent was discovered. When Telo was just 12 years old, he created his own folk band. The group was called Guri. Telo was a vocalist, a composer, and a driving force behind the band. A little later Telo learned how to play the guitar and to dance.

When Michel was 16, he was invited to work for Grupo Tradicao, where he stayed for 10 years as a vocalist. He became one of the most important band members and performed their best songs, such as 'Barquinho', 'O Caldeirão', and 'Pra Sempre Minha Vida'.

In 2008, Michel decided to pursue a solo career. After Telo left the band, Grupo Tradicao didn’t manage to regain the popularity they earned with him as the vocalist.

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In 2009, Tel released his first solo studio album Balado Sertaneja. Two songs from that LP “Ei, psiu! Beijo me liga” and “Amanha Sei La” became big hits.

In 2011, Telo released his first live album Michel na Balada, which was extremely successful and reached the 2nd spot on the Brazilian Albums Chart. The single “Ai,Se Eu Te Pego”, which was included in the album, became a big hit, topping many European charts and getting into Billboard Hot 100. Team members of Real Madrid Cristiano Ronaldo and Marcelo danced to this song on the football field.

In 2012, Michel released his second most famous hit “Bara Bara”

In 2013, Telo recorded his second live album Sunset, which was not as successful as the previous LP but still reached the 7th spot on the Brazilian Albums Chart.

Telo is one of the most famous Latin American performers of the 21st century. He continues to write songs and perform live.

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