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Mr. Probz is a singer, songwriter, actor, and producer from the Netherlands. His real name is Dennis Princewell Stehr. The artist was born on 15 May 1984. Dennis is famous for singing in two languages, Dutch and English. His biggest hit is “Waves”, the remix to which, created by a German DJ Robin Shultz, became even more successful.

When Dennis was still in high school, he enjoyed writing poetry and draw graffiti. Not too much is known about his education because the singer likes keeping his life private. His parents had Dutch and Antillean heritage. That’s about everything the reporters managed to find out about Mr. Probz’ family.

When the artist was a teenager, he fell in love with hip-hop. In 2006, he got a chance to see the filming of the musical, Bolletjes Blues, which was directed by Karin Junger and Brigit Hillenius.

In 2007, the singer was invited by Joe Budden to help record a new single “Long Way To Go” for his LP, Mood Muzik 3: The Album.

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In 2010, due to an accident, Dennis ended up in a hospital and had to go through a lengthy recovery period. After he got well, the singer focused on the music career. There is not much information about the nature of the accident. Some say that a car hit him. Others believe that he was shot. At that time, Mr. Probz wasn’t popular so the media didn’t cover the event. However, the accident affected the artist’s career and helped him choose the right direction in life.

The same year, Dennis released a single, "Meisje luister", which was recorded with the assistance of Kleine Viezerik. The song became a hit and topped FunX Hip Hop chart. The same year, Mr. Probz was nominated for the BNN award as the best artist of 2010. He became the first successful singer to be nominated for the award without having a contract with a label. Soon, the artist began working with other celebrities.

In September 2013, Mr. Probz presented a debut LP, The Treatment, which reached the 12th spot of the national chart. The singer decided to make it free for the fans on SoundCloud. The album also came out on iTunes. It featured such hits as "Gold Days", "Turning Tables", and "I’m Right Here".
At about the same time, Mr. Probz presented his main hit, “Waves”, which topped the Dutch chart. The song also made it into Australian, Belgian, and New Zealand charts. The music video for the song collected almost 70 million views on YouTube. After that, many fans wanted to book Mr. Probz for private events.

In 2014, DJ Robin Shultz created a remix for the single. It became even more popular than the original. For a long time, the remix stayed on top of German, Swedish, Austrian, Norwegian, British, and Swiss charts. It entered top-10 of Italian, Irish, and American charts as well.

At the peak of his popularity, Mr. Probz worked with 50 Cent on his single “Twisted”, recorded in the spring of 2014. A little later, in the fall, he presented a new hit, "Nothing Really Matters". It topped the Dutch chart.

The same year, Mr. Probz worked on the single “Little Secrets” for the American rapper, Professor Green. It came out in December. The artist also collaborated with a Dutch DJ, Hardwell. They recorded a song “Birds Fly” as part of Hardwell’s debut LP, United We Are, which came out in January 2015.

In 2015, Mr. Probz was invited by a famous DJ Armin van Buuren to record the song “Another You” for his album Embrace. 

In 2016, Dennis recorded a new single, “Fine Ass Mess". It reached the 54th spot on the Dutch chart. The singer continued honing his skills. Next year, he presented four new and successful songs, "Till You’re Loved", "Tears Gone Bad", "Streets", and "Gone". The first one reached the 88th spot on the charts.

As of today, Mr. Probz’ latest singles are "Space for Two" and "Praying to a God", recorded in 2017. The rapper continues working in a recording studio and sometimes appears on TV and radio shows.

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