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Natasha Bedingfield was born on November 26, 1981, in England. She is a singer and a songwriter mostly known for such hits as “These Words”, “Unwritten”, and “Soulmate”. Natasha holds several awards, including one from Glamour as well as several BRIT and Grammy nominations.

Natasha’s parents and older brother Daniel were born in New Zealand. Before Natasha was born, they moved to London. Daniel is a famous singer and composer, who became a successful MTV personality. His fame helped Natasha conquer some aspects of the music world, but she did most of the work on her own. Even though having such a famous brother could have kept her in the shade, Natasha managed to pursue an impressive music career.

In 2004, Natasha released her debut single “Single”. The song gained impressive popularity reaching the 3rd spot on UK singles chart and even getting into the Billboard Hot 100, where it reached the 57th spot. Only three months later, Natasha released her second single “These Words”. The song was very popular in the United Kingdom and got into various European charts. It topped the UK and Irish Single Charts and reached the 17th spot on Billboard Hot 100.The single received a golden certification in the US and silver in the UK. In the end of 2004, Natasha released her debut studio album Unwritten. The LP was a big hit and topped UK Albums Chart. It went platinum 3 times in the UK and golden in the US. Besides modern rhythm & blues singles “Single” and “These Words”, the LP contained electro-pop song “I’m a Bomb” and rock track “If You’re Gonna”.

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After the first album was released, Natasha was offered a deal with Jive, which is one of the BMG branches. In 2005, the LP was released in the US. Daniel and Natasha Bedingfield were included in the Guinness Book of World Record as the only family members whose singles managed to independently top the British chart.

In 2007, Natasha released her second studio album N.B/Pocketful of Sunshine. It was less popular than her first LP but still reached the 9th spot on the UK singles chart, 3rd spot on Billboard 200, and earned 3 golden certificates.

In 2010, Natasha recorded her last album to date Strip Me, which didn’t get into the UK charts ad reached the 103rd spot on Billboard 200. Natasha continues to write new songs and performs live.

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