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No Doubt is a popular band from California, which is famous for such hits as “Don’t Speak” and “It’s My Life”. The group works with several genres, including ska-punk, new wave, alternative rock, and more. No Doubt was formed in 1986 when a group of young musicians started conquering the hearts of new fans with unusual musical experiments.

The band's founders were Eric Stefani and John Spence. Musicians initially called the group Apple Core. Eric was a keyboard player while John had strong vocals. The two artists were always looking for new band members. That’s how Gwen Stefani, Eric’s younger sister, joined the band. She became a back vocalist. The trio performed at local nightclubs and on small stages. Initially, they sang covers for other artists’ songs but often added their own work to the repertoire.

Tony Kanal joined the band in 1987. He began promoting the group. Everyone understood that artists had an excellent future. However, suddenly, John Spence committed suicide. It threw the band back and affected each member. The remaining artists renamed the band to No Doubt. It was Spence’s favorite saying.

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In 1989, the drummer Adrian Young and guitar player, Tom Dumont joined the group. After several years of performances in clubs, they were finally noticed by a label. The representative of Interscope Records offered No Doubt a contract even though all of its members were still in college. Artists managed to combine their studying and studio work. They also had part-time jobs. Eric and Gwen worked as vendors. Adrian was a waiter. Tom worked with musical instruments and equipment.

In 1992, the band released its debut LP, No Doubt. The album didn’t become commercially successful. Songs from it didn’t manage to appear on local radio stations. However, the musicians didn’t give up. They went on a short tour of the western part of the USA to promote the LP.

The same year, No Doubt filmed its first music video for the song, "Trapped In A Box". However, it didn’t manage to become popular. The label canceled the contract due to the lack of popularity. No Doubt’s members had to produce songs on their own. They started working on a new album and recorded it in different studios. The artists often rehearsed in Gwen’s garage. That’s why the LP got the name, The Beacon Street Collection.

Since the musicians didn’t work with a label, they had trouble selling the album in big music stores. Artists tried hard to sell it through small shops and at concerts. Interscope Records decided to give the group another chance. They recorded a demo and then a new LP, Tragic Kingdom. The album featured different genres, including pop, new wave, and ska. It was recorded in 11 different studios.

Initially, the album wasn’t selling well. Then it made it into Billboard 200 and settled on the 175th spot. The single “Just a Girl” came in 23rd on Billboard Hot 100. Eventually, the album became platinum, selling over 16 million copies. It topped Billboard 200 and reached high spots on many European charts.

The next successful song recorded by No Doubt was “Spiderwebs”. After its release, the artists went on a big tour to support the LP. They visited Europe, Japan, Indonesia, and New Zealand. At that time, many fans tried to book No Doubt for private events. A little later, “Don’t speak” started appearing on many radio stations and reached top spots on the charts.

In 1997, musicians were nominated for American Music Awards but didn’t get the prize. The group also earned two Grammy nominations. Eventually, the band got Grammy awards in 2003 and 2004. In September, the artists presented a music video for the single “Don’t Speak”, which won an award for the Best Group Video at MTV Video Music Awards. The band was becoming more and more popular and decided to re-release the second LP.

In 2000, No Doubt presented a new successful album, Return Of Saturn. Next year, it released Rock Steady, which featured such hits as "Hella Good" and "Hey Baby".

After some time, the band members started focusing on their solo projects. In 2008, they came back together. In 2009, the artists gave several big concerts. Next year, they presented a best-hit collection, Icon. In 2012, they released a new LP, Push and Shove. It reached the 3rd spot of Billboard 200.

Today, band members are working on solo projects, but the group is still together. The current lineup includes Gwen Stefani, Tom Dumont. Tony Kanal, and Adrian Young.

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