Quentin Mosimann
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Quentin Mosimann is a Dj whose «Duel» album is double-platinum certified. Such an achievement confirms his talent and unique style of Djing. There is no surprise that many people say he is the most talented Dj of the century, so his stunning success is predictable.

Now recognised as one of the principal profiles in electronic music, Quentin has already signed by the largest major music company and has blown up on French TV in 2008.

Quentin has been improving his skills step by step. When he was young, he used to deedjay to pay for his studies, but now naturally focused on Djiing. Mosimann spots the biggest festivals.

He is working hard to create a new musical avatar. His wide passion of mixing led him to the biggest venues. He always plays with the crowd and makes it crazy, stretching all kinds of emotions.

Quentin`s large electronic culture appeals to many fans. His solid progression led him to Dj Mag`s TOP 100 Djs. His synths and drums help Quentin to compose new material at his studio. Quentin`s touring schedule bounds him, but he is ready for something new and always tries to update his understanding of modern electronic music.

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