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Ray William Johnson (born: August 14, 1981 [age 39]), formerly Fat Damon, is an American YouTuber, actor and comedian. He became famous through his YouTube show, Equals Three, in which he provided humorous commentary on viral videos. Although his content was dark and crude at times, he managed to gather fans from all over the world ranging in various ages.

Johnson's webshow, Equals Three, led his channel to becoming the most-subscribed on YouTube from June 25, 2011 to January 12, 2013, even it would eventually be surpassed by Smosh. The show included a wide range of celebrity guests, including Gabriel Iglesias, Snoop Dogg and Robin Williams. Due to the show praise all over social media, both positive and negative, it led to Johnson meeting up with other famous YouTubers, including his past rival Smosh.

By early 2012, Johnson was a YouTube millionaire, becoming the first YouTuber to gain a net worth of $USD million.

Though the channel had the biggest and, at one point, the fastest growing following, the show faced criticism from the YouTube community, with some finding it immature, lowbrow, and offensive, and with others claiming that Johnson did not deserve the fame. Some also said that Johnson's style of commenting on viral videos was not only unoriginal, but also lazy and ripe with copyright infringement.

Many would argue that the downfall of his channel began in November 2012 when Maker Studios, his YouTube partner at the time, wanted a higher revenue cut from his Equals Three show. When Johnson refused, his contract was canceled, along with the latest album of an animated musical comedy group he led called Yourfavoritemartian. The channel, at one point, was both the most-subscribed and most viewed music channel on YouTube, which was the same for the Equals Three channel which gained over 10 million subscribers by August 2013 and 3 billion video views by early 2017, hitting one billion views in late 2011. The music channel was as well shut down by Maker Studios, which it gained over 1.2 million dollars worth of sales without any promotion or record label.

The channel, now independent, was run by only Johnson and his crew, later named "Equal Three Studios". The channel was losing popularity, gaining only 1-2 million views per video, when previous videos averaged around 5 million views. Also, due to new changes to the platform, including algorithm changes and the addition of the Trending page, by late 2013, his channel lost its spot within the 10 most-subscribed channels on YouTube.

BreakingNYC, his old vlog channel, was his very first YouTube channel; RunawayPlanet. The channel is no longer active, and Johnson has since deleted all of the videos on it, but still currently posts his Instagram stories to his YouTube channel and is active on Facebook, while also doing stand up comedy show tours.

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In late 2013, Johnson directed a highly acclaimed five-part video series titled "Riley Rewind" which starred his then-girlfriend and fellow YouTuber, Anna Akana. Around the same time, he and Akana, along with Derek Shelby, made a podcast show called "Runaway Thoughts", which not only discussed different things, but answered fan questions (which often got of topic hence the name "Runaway Thoughts") and interacted with the audience. The podcast was well received with Variety naming it in the top 10% of podcasts in 2013.

Ray Johnson left Equals Three in March of 2014 due to wanting to tackle bigger projects and a lack of motivation to continue the series. Since then, the channel saw a major drop in views and subscribers daily. He, at first, uploaded vlogs to his channel and originally wanted the show to end for good in the middle of 2014, but due to outcry from fans wanting the series to continue, he made a private audition for the next host of Equals Three, with the winner being Robby Motz. 20 years old at the time, he was first met with mixed reviews until most accepted him as an adequate replacement.

Motz would also eventually leave in July of 2015, only a year after his debut. His reasons were similar to Johnson's. Later that month, Kaja Martin took over. However, the fans despised her as a host, with every video starring her having a like ratio averaging around 50% or below. While she claimed to not be phased by the backlash, the Equals Three crew would ask their fans to stop, with little to no success.

After only hosting the show for 5 months, Martin would leave in December 2015, with Carlos Santos serving not only as her replacement, but as the final host of Equals Three. While Santos was received more positively than Martin and even Motz, with fans claiming his humor and style of commentary to be the most similar to Johnson's, the show would reach an un-celebratory end, with the final episode, "Friday THE 13TH", airing on May 13, 2016. No new episodes have aired since with no concrete explanation as to why. While many fans have asked Johnson to return to Equals Three, he had since moved on to other social media platforms, primarily doing vlogs and storytime videos, and had gained a newfound popularity outside of YouTube.

The show since Johnson's departure failed to gain as many views and subscribers as it once did. The subscriber count would fluctuate throughout the years and throughout the new hosts, rising slightly during Motz's reign, falling drastically during Martin's, and a little of both during Santos'. Due to the abrupt halt of both Equals Three and all other video series, the subscriber count continued to plummet.

His peak subscriber count was over 10.8 million, achieved in November 2015, and afterwards, in June 2018, the channel plummeted to as low as just under 10 million subscribers.

On December 25, 2019, Johnson uploaded a video titled "Guess what I did...", announcing that he was returning to YouTube with a new show called "SUPERHVMAN", where he described the show as "a mix between a TED Talk and Equals Three." He would upload more videos within this new series to positive reception. However, the season 1 finale of SUPERHVMAN, "How to Live a Happier Life", would prove to be his last, airing on February 26, 2020.

On September 13 of the same year, he started a new series based on roasting TikTokers, with each new video receiving more and more dislikes.

As of right now, the Ray William Johnson channel continues to slowly bleed subscribers. Newer videos struggle to surpass 40-50,000 views, older videos are constantly getting deleted, and the channel is losing about 10,000 subscribers per month.

Besides The Equals Three show, there have been other videos shows on the channel as said before.

This was the first series on Ray channel. It started in 2008 with the video called "John McCain may have herpes" and ended on February 17, 2009 (a total of 46 episodes) with the episode "Did you lose?", when Ray changed the name of the show. All of these videos (as well as some of the =3's videos) are either deleted or set on private on his channel. In the show, he discussed current political issues with a twist of humor.  

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