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Robin Schulz is considered to be the most talented Djing star in Germany, awarding «Best Dance National». He came through the ranks of Djing career: at first, he played in small local clubs and pubs, now Robin has travelled around the World and has visited such huge cities like Tokyo and New York. He could beat a path into the hearts of many fans from all over the World!

2014 was the year Robin Schulz cemented his status of being one of the most demand and popular names in Djing – thanks to «Waves», the multi-platinum Top number 1. His track «Prayer in C» was granted as internationally gold-certified and platinum-certified track and had an official status of the best single of summer 2014.
Moreover, Schulz was the first German Artist who topped the Shazam chart.

2014 Album «Prayer» is a gold-certified release. Millions records of the album were sold. The same is for his recent album «Sugar», which consists of new emotions, impressions and experience.

His singles «Sun Goes down» and «Headlights» received countless number of different platinum and gold certifications.

Robin Schulz performed at the biggest festivals like Tommorowland, the Ultra Festival, Mayday etc. in Europe, Asia, America and Australia he did lots of sold-out tours. Whatever the venue is, Robin meets a crowd of euphoric fans ready for his hits.

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