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Selena Quintantilla-Perez, known as Selena, is a Mexican-American singer, songwriter, social speaker, model, and fashion designer.

She was born in 1971 in Lake-Jackson, Texas. When she was just 6 years old, the girl was already very fond of singing. Trying to support his daughter’s talent, Selena’s father, Abraham Quintantilla, organized a music band “Selena les Dinos” with her brother Elby playing the guitar and her sister Suze as a drummer. The trio started performing in their father’s restaurant but soon it went bankrupt and was closed. This changed the family’s life completely. Experiencing financial difficulties, they moved to Corpus Kristy, Texas.

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The band gave concerts everywhere it was possible, at weddings, anniversaries, family events, fairs. Fortunately, the situation changed quickly, the group earned popularity, and different bars and restaurants tried to book Selena’s performances for their events.

In 1984, the 12-year-old girl released her first Tejano LP Mis Primeras Grabaciones in Spanish. Three years later, she received her first Tejano Music Award for the Best Woman Vocalist. She kept earning this award for nine years in a row.

At the end of the 80’s, Selena released several albums, toured a lot and signed a contract with the Capito/EMI record studio.

In 1990, her LP Ven Conmigo received a gold certification. That year her big fan Yolanda Saldivar decided to organize a fan club and contacted Selena’s father, who agreed. She became the head of this club.

At the beginning of the 90’s, Selena released many albums, inspired by her marriage with guitarist Kris Perez.

Released in 1993, LP Selena Live! received a Grammy Award for the Best Mexican-American Performance and her LP Amor Prohibido became platinum 22 times.

Also in the 90’s Selena opened two boutiques, created her own fashion line, and actively donated to charities.

In 1995, thanks to one fan’s complaints, Selena’s family discovered serious financial fraud related to the fan club’s operations. On 31 March 1995, Yolanda and Selena agreed to meet in Days Inn Hotel to clarify the situation. At the end of the conversation, Yolanda shot the singer in the shoulder hitting the carotid artery. Selena managed to make it to the hotel’s administrator to tell him the shooter’s name. After that, she lost conciseness. Unfortunately, despite doctors’ attempts, the young woman died in the hospital.

Her death was a shock to all Americans. The singer was buried in Corpus Kristy. More than 60,000 people came to her funeral. The Governor of the Texas, Jorge Bush, declared April 12th to be Selena’s Day in the state.

Yolanda Saldivar was found guilty and sentenced to life in prison.

In 1997, Gregory Nava wrote and produced a biographical movie Selena, starring Jennifer Lopez.

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