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Sidestepper was founded in Bogota, Columbia, in 1996. The band is famous for creating a combination of traditional Columbian an electronic music. The group was established by a well-known British producer Richard Blair. Together they created a new wave of electroacoustic music in Columbia.

Sidestepper worked with such famous labels as Chris Blackwell’s Palm Pictures, Sony Music Columbia, and Peter Gabriel’s Real World Records. The band’s lineup changed a few times. It included such famous musicians as Iván Benavides, Andrea Echeverri (Aterciopelados), Jimena Ángel, Liliana Montes, Gloria “Goyo” Martínez (Choquibtown), Sergio Arias, Humberto Pernett, Jacobo Veléz (La Mambanegra), and Kike Egurrola (Bomba Estéreo).

In the beginning of the 1990’s, Blair was a well-known producer, who worked in Peter Gabriel’s British recording studio. He had a chance to collaborate with such celebrities as Daniel Lanois , Brian Eno, Sinead O’Connor, and John Paul Jones. In 1992, he went to Columbia, where he planned to spend a few months working with such artists as Carlos Vives and Toto La Momposina. Blair quickly realized how much untapped potential was to be discovered in this country and created Sidestepper.

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In 1997, the band recorded the LP Southern Star, together with Deep South label. The LP didn’t bring them the expected fame but received good reviews. The long-awaited popularity came to the group when they released their second LP More Grip (2000). The hit song from the album was “Linda Manigua”, performed by Andrea Echeverri.

Three years later the band released 3AM (In Beats We Trust), which the musicians recorded in Bogota, Havana, and London. The album brought them international recognition. The band went on their first European tour to support the LP. Due to the tough schedule, it was almost impossible to book Sidestepper for any event. They actively worked on new albums and gave many live concerts.

In 2006, Sidestepper recorded Continental. It featured different Columbian rhythms. Blair called this LP the most organic creation of the band.

In 2008, the band released their sixth LP The Buena Vibra Sound System. Three years later the compilation album The Best Of 1996 – 2011 came out. The song“Justicia” became a promotional single. After the LP was released, the band’s contract with Palm Pictures was over and they took a long break. For seven years, band members worked on solo careers and other projects.

In 2016, after signing a contract with Real World Records and collecting money on Pledge Music website, the band released their last album to date Supernatural Love. The new LP included the mix of melodies from different countries. The band replaced almost all electronic sounds with more traditional music.

A vibrant group led by Blair conquered the hearts of music lovers all over the world. Their concerts are always filled with happiness and energy. The tickets to their events are often sold out. Sidestepper toured Europe, Mexico, Argentina, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, and South Africa. For the past 20 years, they managed to upkeep their popularity in Columbia and abroad.

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