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Sido’s real name is Paul Würdig. He was born on 30 November 1980 in Berlin. The singer created his pseudonym by taking the first letters of the phrase Super-intelligentes Drogenopfer, which means, “super intelligent drug victim”.

The future celebrity lived with his younger sister and mother in Eastern Berlin until he turned eight years old. In 1988, the family moved to western Berlin to a poor neighborhood. Paul was expelled from school for drug use. Wurdig spent his childhood on the streets in a poor neighborhood with immigrants.

In 1997, Sido decided to become an artist. Together with a gangsta rapper B-Tight, the aspiring celebrity recorded several songs. The artists called their duo Royal TS. At one of the local performances, the young men were noticed by the founders of the label, Aggro Berlin. At that moment, they decided to form a label and offered Sido and B-Tight a contract. Rappers agreed.

In 2003, Paul decided to start a solo career. He released two solo songs, "Arschficksong" and "Weihnachtssong". Due to offensive language, both singles had some restrictions but a final decision to restrict them from the radio was never made. The music video for "Arschficksong" got an R rating (FSK 16 in Germany). Nevertheless, many clubs wanted to book Sido for private events.

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In 2004, Sido presented his first LP, Maske. The album turned out commercially successful and climbed the third position in German charts. Three singles from the track list made it into top-20. The single "Mama ist stolz" featured in the LP, was devoted to Sido’s mother. During the same year, the rapper filmed a PG-rated version of the music video for "Arschficksong".

The single “Mein Block” made the rapper even more popular. The lyrics were devoted to the Berlin ghetto and one of the buildings in particular. The LP, Maske, sold over 190,000 copies and earned gold status in Germany. In 2007, the volume of sales exceeded 200,000 copies, and the disc went platinum.

The next LP, Ich, sold 80,000 copies at the pre-order stage. Two days after the release, 100,000 more copies were sold. In 2005, even though Sido was already very popular, he was booed during his performance at the Splash! Festival where he worked with another rapper, Harris. Since then, Aggro Berlin artists started boycotting Splash!

The rapper’s next album was a joint project with Harris, which got the name, Dein Lieblingsalbum. The album climbed to the second spot of the national chart and sold 80,000 copies on the day of its release. Soon Sido presented his next solo album, Eine Hand wäscht die andere.

In 2007, Sido and B-Tight formed their own label, Sektenmuzik and signed a contract with Die Sekte. Next year, Paul released his third LP, Ich und meine Maske, which topped the charts in Germany and came in second in Switzerland and Austria. In Germany and Switzerland, the album went platinum. It earned gold certification in Austria.

A year later, the rapper presented his fourth solo album, Aggro Berlin. In the lead single, "Hey du", Sido talked about his childhood in the ghetto.

In 2010, the artist released a live album, MTV Unplugged Live aus'm MV, which featured live performances of his previous hits. The album reached the 2nd spot on the German charts and sold 100,000 copies. The biggest hit from the album was the new track, "Der Himmel soll warten", recorded with Adel Tawil

Two years later, Sido released a compilation album, #Beste, with his best songs and six tracks, which were never released earlier. The album got a gold certification. The single "Bilder im Kopf" turned into the most successful song released by the rapper to date. The music video for the single collected over 50 million views on YouTube.

In 2013, Sido presented his next album, 30-11-80. The name of which is his birthdate. The album became commercially successful. The next LP came out in 2015. It was VI. The most successful single from the album was "Astronaut", recorded with another German singer, Andreas Bourani.

In 2016, the rapper released a new LP, Das goldene Album. Two years later, he recorded Kronjuwelen, with the assistance of the label Urban Records. It featured such hits as "Tausend Tattoos", "Jedes Wort Ist Gold Wert", "Geuner" and 17 new songs.

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